Areas of Concentration: Leadership

Prof. Jean Lipman-Blumen

Faculty Advisors
Bernie Jaworski
Jean Lipman-Blumen
Katharina Pick
Vijay Sathe

Student Clubs/Associations of Interest
Net Impact, Women in Leadership, Arts Enterprise Club


The leadership area of concentration can help you develop a clear perspective of an entire organization’s operations. Focus is on improving organizational effectiveness through the better management of people and systems. This concentration will help prepare you for a general management position in wide variety of industries and types of organizations. If your career is moving from technical work toward more management responsibilities, you might find a leadership concentration to be of particular value.


  • MGT 315 Morality and Leadership
  • MGT 336 Corporate Governance
  • MGT 344 Drucker in Practice
  • MGT 353 The 21st Century Nonprofit Leader: Being a Sustainable Resource Engine
  • MGT 358 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
  • MGT 362 Revitalization
  • MGT 364 Crisis Management
  • MGT 365 Toxic Leadership
  • MGT 366 Shared Leadership: Extreme Edition
  • MGT 367 Connective Leadership in the 21st Century
  • MGT 368: Women in Leadership
  • MGT 403 Self & Shared Leadership
  • MGT 408 Art & Science of Project Management
  • MGT 413 Advanced Leadership Seminar
  • MGT 488 The Practice of Self Management
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