Auditing A Course - Policy and Procedure


The auditing of CGU courses is managed by the policy and procedure detailed below.  Be sure to consult the Tuition & Fees table on the Student Accounts website for tuition rules regarding audits.


Enrolling in a Course on an Audit Basis

You may not enroll in a course on an audit basis using the online registration system.

  • Complete a Change in Registration (Add/Drop) Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.  Use the CHANGE grid (the third table on the page) to specify your request.  Be sure to check the Audit column to indicate your type of enrollment change.
  • Permission of the instructor and your advisor are required.  For your own records, you should request from the instructor a written summary of the minimum expectations for the audit prior to registering for the course or by the end of the first class session.
  • Verify your registration on the student portal to ensure that your course is registered properly and to determine applicable tuition charges.

CGU minimum expectations for an audit are 80% attendance and participation, or the equivalent, as deemed by the instructor.


Enrollment Changes on Audited Courses

Students are responsible for dropping courses they do not intend to complete.  All enrollment change actions must be requested prior to the deadlines established in the Academic Calendar.

Changes to the enrollment of audited courses are subject to the refund specifications outlined in the Refund Schedule for the applicable semester.


Grading of Audited Courses

Students who successfully complete an audited course are assigned the AU (Audit) grade notation.

Students who do not complete courses for which they have enrolled are subject to the grading policies of the instructor, including the assignment of a U (Unsatisfactory) grade.  If no grade is reported by the instructor, the student's grade in the course defaults to Y (Unreported Evaluation).


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