Basic and Applied Social Psychology Resources

Grant-supported research and fieldwork opportunities are widely available for graduate students, with many students working with faculty on state- and federally-funded research, or on projects supported by private and foundation funds.

Many of these research projects are housed in the Institute for Research on Social Issues, another resource available to support student research and that offers employment opportunities.  Currently, grant-supported research and projects focus on topics ranging from drug prevention to civic participation and volunteerism among older adults, from understanding cultural factors that facilitate drug prevention and HIV avoidance to field-based intervention research focused on building psychological sense of community and encouraging community health.

Other research centers within our Basic and Applied Social Psychology programs at CGU include the Social Identity Lab and our Health Psychology and Prevention Science Institute.

In addition to faculty grant-funded research, the climate of the program is collegial and attempts to facilitate collaborative research among graduate students and between students and faculty.  The graduate students and faculty in the program frequently gather for brown bag lunch talks on topics of current interest.  Many classes are also designed to encourage students to produce and publish their work.  Recent student research includes projects on jury decision-making, gender stereotypes, identity conflict and self-esteem among stigmatized populations, romantic relationships, minority persuasion attempts, women's health, and responses to the terrorist attacks of 9-11. Follow this link to see a sample research by current students.

Social Psychology Faculty

The core faculty members of Claremont Graduate University’s social psychology programs are:


Eusebio Alvaro
(Ph.D., University of
Arizona, 2000)

 William D. Crano
(Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1968)

 Michael Hogg
(Ph.D., Bristol
University, 1983)


 Allen M. Omoto
(Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1989)

Jason Siegel
(Ph.D., University of
Arizona, 2004)

Stuart Oskamp
(Ph.D., Stanford University, 1960).  Professor Emeritus

A number of allied faculty are also affiliated with the program.  Approximately 40 additional professors (the Graduate Faculty in Psychology or "GFIP") are associated with one or another of the undergraduate colleges that are part of the Claremont Colleges consortium.  These include Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer Colleges, along with the Keck Graduate institute of Applied Life Sciences.  Graduate Faculty involved with the social psychology program include the following. (Click here for a complete list of faculty and their research interests):


Ray Buriel  (University of California, Riverside)  Acculturation  and adjustment of Mexican immigrants; comparisons in acculturation processes of Asians and Central American immigrants as well as African Americans.


Mark Costanzo (University of California, Santa Cruz) Human communication, interpersonal influence, social cognition, and the application of social psychology to environmental issues, the law, and education.


Hal Fairchild  (University of Michigan)  “Activist” orientation to social psychology; Black psychology; eradicating racism.


Sharon Goto  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Antecedents and consequences of individualism/collectivism; cross-cultural methodology; influence of cross-cultural interaction on intergroup attitudes; issues in Asian-American psychology.


Shana Levin  (University of California, Los Angeles)  Intergroup relations; ethnic identity and social status; racism.


Jeff Lewis (University of California, Santa Barbara)  Organizational behavior; social psychology; attributions; history of psychology.


Amy Marcus-Newhall  (University of Southern California) Intergroup relations, displaced aggression, psychology and the legal system, psychology of women.


Debra Mashek  (State University of New York at Stony Brook)  Close relationships; including others in the self; allegiances of incarcerated populations.


Susan Murphy   (University of Washington)  Leadership; small group decision making; motivational processes; organizational culture; mentoring relationships; the effects of work stressors on employee performance.


Ron Riggio (University of California, Riverside) Leadership; assessment of career readiness; social skillls; nonverbal behavior; industrial/organizational psychology.


Norma Rodriguez (University of Texas at Austin)  Research Interests: Latino mental health, acculturation, cultural adjustment, ethnic identity, and familism.


Suzanne Thompson  (University of California, Los Angeles) Coping with chronic disease; HIV disease and AIDS; physician-patient relationship; outgroup homogeneity; attitudes toward the environment.

Social Psychology Events