Katrina L. Bledsoe, Ph.D.

Dr. Katrina L. Bledsoe is a research scientist and senior evaluator at the Education Development Center, Inc. Located in Washington D.C., Dr. Bledsoe also serves as adjunct research associate professor of psychology at Claremont Graduate University (CGU), in Claremont, CA. She received her doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in applied social psychology, and a specialization in program evaluation from CGU in 2003. Her expertise is in applied social psychology, community-based and social services program evaluation and evaluation research, cultural contexts, and multicultural health behavior. Dr. Bledsoe’s current work includes suicide prevention and safety efforts, and international initiatives in India and Pakistan.

Dr. Bledsoe has over 16 years of experience in research and evaluation both at the local and federal levels. She has worked in community-based settings with cultural communities, using theory-driven evaluation as well as participatory evaluation approaches such as democratic, transformative/inclusive, and empowerment evaluation. Her primary work has been with adolescents, and includes substantive interests such as physical and mental health issues that are associated with negative and positive health, mental health, and social outcomes for communities of color, among others. For the past 13 years, Dr. Bledsoe has served as either a principal investigator or project director, and has received or been a consultant to several grants and contracts of programs that focus on drug and crime prevention, and school-based health education for adolescents and young adults of color. She was previously project director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s national evaluation of the Children’s Mental Health Initiative.

Dr. Bledsoe is the author of chapters and articles focusing on cultural competence and evaluation practice featured in the American Journal of Evaluation, the Journal of Cultural Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Journal, and work in the edited volumes, Evaluation in Action: Interviews with Expert Evaluators, the Handbook of Mixed Methods Research, the Handbook of Ethics for Research in the Social Sciences, work in the edited book, When Research Studies Go Off the Rails: Solutions and Prevention Strategies, and work forthcoming in the edited volume, Qualitative Inquiry in the Practice of Evaluation.

Dr. Bledsoe has been actively involved in the American Evaluation Association (AEA) for over 15 years. She is currently serving a three year term on the AEA Executive Board, and is on the organization’s task force to develop a public statement on cultural competence in evaluation. She is the past co-chair and current program chair of AEA’s Program Theory and Theory-Driven Evaluation Topical Interest Group, and is a past-Chair of the association’s Diversity Committee.


Huey T. Chen, Ph.D.

Huey T. Chen is Senior Evaluation Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Previously he was Professor of the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham from 2002-2005. Dr. Chen has contributed to the advancement of evaluation theory and methodology, especially in areas of program theory, theory-driven evaluation, mixed methods, and validity model and approaches. His 1990 book, Theory-Driven Evaluations, is considered the classic text for understanding program theory and theory-driven evaluation. His 2005 book, Practical Program Evaluation: Assessing and Improving Planning, implementation, and effectiveness, provides a major expansion of the scope and usefulness of theory-driven evaluations. He was the 1993 recipient of the American Evaluation Association Paul Lazarsfeld Award for contributions to evaluation theory. He received the Senior Biomedical Research Award in 1998 and the 2001 Award for Dedication and Scientific Direction in the Development and Implementation of Program Evaluation Research Branch from CDC.