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Ph.D. in Economics, University of Virginia

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Working Papers  

Willett - Review Essay "George Soros' Reflexivity and The Global Financial Crisis"

Sula & Willett - The Reversibility of Different Types of Capital Flows to Emerging markets

Liang, Willett, & Zhang - The Slow Spread of the Global Crisis

Willett - The Role of Defective Mental Models in Generating the Current Financial Crisis

Willett, Liang, & Zhang - Global Contagion and the Decoupling Debate

Willett - Some Lessons for Economists from the Financial Crisis

Walter & Willett - Delaying the Inevitable (A Political Economy Approach to Currency Defenses and Depreciation)

Wihlborg, Willett, & Zhang - The Euro Debt Crisis: It isn't just fiscal

Willett & Wihlborg - The Varieties of European Crises

Willett "The Euro Crisis" (Videos)

Willett - Regional Financial and Regulatory Cooperation

Willett & Srisorn - Some Lessons for Asia from the Euro Crisis

Chiu et al - Discipline Effects of Fixed Exchange Rate: The Distinction between Hard and Soft Pegs

Li, Sula, and Willett - A New Framework for Analyzing Adequate and Excessive Reserve Levels under High Capital Mobility

Willett, et al. - Classifying International Aspects of Currency Regimes

Clark, Hallerberg, Keil, and Willett - Measures of Financial Openness and Interdependence

Li, Zhang, and Willett - A Survey of Measurement of Interdependence

Angkinand, Whilborg, and Willett - Market Discipline for Financial Institutions and Markets for Information

Zhang, Willett, and Li - The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on China's Financial Market and Macro economy

Willett - The Political Economy of the Euro Crisis (PPT)

Willett, Kim, and Bunyasiri - Measuring Exchange Rate Flexibility

Chiu and Willett - Capital Controls and Currency Crisis

Chiu and Willett - Measuring Power and the Rise of East Asia

Willett and Chiu - Power Relationship and the Political Economy of Global Imbalance

Willett and Roy - Market Volatility and The Risk of Global Integration

Willett, Chiu, and Walter - Fixed Exchange Rate Regime and Financial Markets as Sources of Economic Discipline

Willett and Srisorn - The Political Economy of the Euro Crisi: Cognitive Biases, Faulty Mental Models, and Time Inconsistency

Kim and Willett - News and the Behavior of the Koran Stock Market during the Financial Crisis


          Willett, et al. - The Global Crisis and Korea’s International Financial Policies

          Potchamanawong, Denzau, Rongala, Walton, and Willett - A New and Better
          of Captital Controls

          Willett - Floating Exchange Rate and The International Monetary System






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