Accelerated BA/MA in Economics Degree Program



As you approach your final year of undergraduate study, we would like to take this opportunity to describe the benefits of the ACCELERATED B.A./M.A. DEGREE PROGRAM offered through Claremont Graduate University (CGU) and The Division of Politics and Economics (DPE). This exciting program offers you the chance to earn graduate credit while completing the final year of your Bachelor’s degree.

The benefits to you include savings in time and money of up to one full semester over traditional consecutive enrollment degree options Undergraduate juniors and seniors majoring in any field at The Claremont Colleges who are interested in post-baccalaureate training relevant for the world of business, government or nonprofit enterprise may wish to consider the accelerated B.A./M.A. in Economics. A Master of Arts in Economics (CGU) is particularly advantageous for those applying to J.D. law programs, as well as Ph.D. degrees in various fields. Undergraduates can count up to four (4) of these courses toward both the (CGU) M.A. in Economics and the B.A. (or B.S.) degree.

The accelerated B.A. /M.A. Economics student who completes four (4) graduate courses prior to his or her baccalaureate can finish the other eight (8) graduate courses required for the M.A. in two additional semesters at CGU. Besides the required four (4) graduate core courses, a student may choose the other eight (8) graduate courses to complete the M.A. from a variety of fields in economics. Graduate work in related areas such as business and management, international relations, politics and public policy, psychology, and philosophy is also permitted. You can view students' publications and a list of job placements of our graduates.

The joint program is open to qualified Juniors/Seniors at the Claremont CollegesMost students who enroll are Government/Political Science, Sociology or Economics majors, or minor in one of these fields. Students may apply for admission in the Fall or Spring Semester of their Junior year, and may use the remaining semesters at their undergraduate institutions to complete the 12-16 pre-baccalaureate graduate units.

Upon the receipt of their undergraduate degree, the student becomes a full time student at Claremont Graduate University for the remaining year of study. In this way, Claremont Colleges' undergraduates get a head start on completing their graduate requirements. Normally, students who receive their B.A. having completed the necessary graduate or equivalent units may be able to complete their Master’s Degree program with only two additional semesters of enrollment at CGU. Acceptance into the program is based on an evaluation of the student’s undergraduate grades, GRE or GMAT scores, performance, and recommendations, each demonstrating the student’s preparation for graduate training.

If you are interested in applying to this program, please contact the DPE Assistant Director of Admissions Annekah Hall, at or by phone at 909.607.3371

You may also click on this link to request program information.

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