Dr. Orlando Blake

Expertise: Organizational Mediation and Resolution

Email: Orlando.blake@cgu.edu 
Website: www.blake-group.com


Orlando Blake, Ph.D.'s career has spanned more than twenty years and includes senior management positions at Mercantile National Bank, Warner Bros., Inc. and GUESS?, Inc., the multinational apparel manufacturer and retailer. Formerly a contributing editor at Personnel Policy Manual and HR Matters, he writes monthly for the maquilladora-focused Twin Plant News. He received his masters from the University of Southern California, with a specialization in applied behavioral sciences. He followed this with a doctorate and breakthrough research at Claremont Graduate University that discovered new and unique techniques to solve interpersonal and organizational disputes. Harvard University has included his research in their study of critical moments in negotiation. In addition to his successful mediation and organizational consulting practice, he currently serves on the University of California, Riverside Extension Advisory Board, where he teaches mediation and at Claremont Graduate University, where he teaches in the School of Behavioral and Organizational Science. Visit www.blake-group.com to see Orlando's website. Dr. Blake has many publications including his latest book, Leading Total Quality.

HRD 355: Strategic Management Skills

Recent Publications
• Leading Total Quality: Management's Role in Aligning Leadership and Total Quality Practices
• Investigations At Work: The Art of Fact Finding and Investigating Employee Complaints (2nd edition)
• Leading the Total Quality Mission: Aligning principles, practices and management
• Leading Continuous Improvement: Building capability and creating commitment, Volume 2
• POWW! Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals
• POWW! Stop Fighting and Start Talking For Managers
September 2006 - "Leader, Change Thyself"
August 2003 - "Planning for Conflict"
July 2003 - "Planning for Conflict"
June 2003 - "Slash Your Clash Budget"
May 2003 - "Slash Your Clash Budget"
• The Art of Give-and-Take - November 2004



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