Dr. Scott J. Schroeder

Expertise: Personal and Professional Empowerment

Email: scott.schroeder@cgu.edu


Scott J. Schroeder, Ph.D. is Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Management at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Scott’s career has been lived as a management activist, dedicated to putting into practice management strategies that bring out employees’ best work and eradicate abuse of employees in organizations.

His research focuses on individuals’ personal power and social influence at work, with special interest in getting people the power they need to have personal and professional success in their careers. He is most recently co-author with Donald Gibson of “Who Ought to be Blamed? The Effect of Organizational Roles on Blame and Credit Attributions,” in The International Journal of Conflict Management. He has taught courses on organizational behavior and theory, organizational development, and crisis management in the HRD program at CGU since 1996. Scott completed doctoral specializations in management and psychology at UCLA and post-doctoral work in university leadership at Harvard.

HRD 301: Overview of Organizational Behavior
HRD 320: Planned Change Management
HRD 326: Crisis Management



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