Dr. Barbara L. Kaufman

Expertise: Executive Coaching/Leadership


Dr. Barbara Kaufman, President of ROI Consulting Group, Inc. has invested over twenty-five years as an executive, business coach and educator. Her work has involved issues such as strategic planning, governance, leadership effectiveness, resiliency, executive coaching, team building, conflict management and organization design.

Dr. Kaufman's years on the inside of Fortune 500 to mid-size companies in executive-level positions have been followed by sixteen years as an entrepreneur and management consultant. Her clients include a wide range of non-profit and public sector organizations such as the American Council on Education, California State University, University of California, University of North Carolina, University of Nebraska, College of Staten Island, St. Norbert College, The College Board, Research Triangle Institute, International and the Association of Governing Boards. She is the 1998 recipient of the prestigious Leadership California Leader award for her program design and board development efforts.

Dr. Kaufman received her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She served as the Leader-in-Residence for the academic year 1998-1999 at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Leadership, located at the Peter Drucker School of Management (CGU), where she earned her Masters in Executive Management. Dr. Kaufman is also a certified consultant for the Association of Governing Boards in the areas of presidential assessment and board development, as well as a certified instructor in the use of the Connective Leadership Achieving Styles Model.

Sample of Recent Publications:
Working with Consultants: Look before you leap (December 2008, University Business)
Reining in Those “Maverick” Trustees (July-August 2007, AGB, Trusteeship)
Organizational Champions (July/August 2006, Board Member)
The Helping Hand (March 2006, University Business)
The Leader as Change Agent (March 2005, University Business)
En Route to Executive Retention (January 2005, American Society of Association Executives)
The Juggling Act (July 2004, University Business)
The Role of Executive Coaching in Performance Management (September 2005, Journal of Business Strategy)
Succession Planning Means Planning Ahead (February/March 2003, Board Member)

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