4+1 BA/MBA Application Process

About the Application Process

You should apply to the program in your Junior year so that you can begin coursework at CGU in your senior year. Applications are available through the CGU Office of Admission and Records (located in Harper East Hall on Tenth Street between Dartmouth Avenue and College Avenue), on the CGU website as well as through the CGU academic departments.


Helpful Hints About the Application Form

  • Please state on your application that you are applying to CGU for the semester that follows your graduation (that is the semester you will be considered a full CGU student).
  • On the application, there is a place for you to circle your undergraduate campus; this indicates that you are interested in the Accelerated Program.
  • Your application fee is waived because you are a student within the Claremont Consortium.
  • You will need to provide the following documents in with your application:
  • Official (in-progress) Transcripts
  • Official GMAT or GRE scores (waived)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (including at least one from your current academic faculty member)
  • Resume and/or Curriculum Vitae
  • Statements of Purpose and Visual Essay
Question 1: (Essay - 750 works max)
At the Drucker School, creativity and innovation are at the core of what we teach. We pride ourselves on giving our students the tools and knowledge they need to find creative solutions to management problems. With this in mind, discuss a time when you used creativity and innovation in your personal or professional life to solve a problem, create change, or make an impact within an organization, group or team.
Question 2 (Visual Essay)
Develop a road map that gives a visual representation of who you are personally and professionally, and why a Drucker MBA is important to you. THe roadmap should depict your career aspirations and demonstrate how a Drucker MBA will help you achieve your career goals.
Question 2 Guidelines
  • Email your question 2 presentation to admissions@cgu.edu with "Drucker Admission Essay" in the subject line.
  • You must submit your presentation in one of the following formats: PowerPoint, Word Doc, PDF, or an image file.
  • The content and format you provide for Question 2 is your choice; there is no preferred or recommended approach to this question.
  • If you choose to provide a PowerPoint presentation, there is a 5 slide limit.
  • All presentations will be printed and notes will be reviewed.
  • The presentation will be evaluated on the quality of content and your ability to convey your ideas, not on technical expertise or design elements.
Students should turn in applications to the CGU Office of Admission and Records, located in Harper East, on Tenth Street between Dartmouth Avenue and College Avenue. Note: Claremont McKenna students interested in the Robert A. Day 4+1 program (B.A./M.B.A.) should seek advisement from and turn in applications to the Robert A. Day Program, located in Bauer Hall.


All applicants will be invited to an On-Campus interview, however special accomodations can be made for applicants who must interview over the telephone or via Skype. You will receive an official decision letter from the CGU Office of Admission and Records. If you are offered admission, you will also be sent a decision card for you to complete and return. This will confirm your attendance into the program.


Changing from the Master’s to the Doctoral Program

If a student enters the accelerated program and is subsequently admitted to the Ph.D. program in the same field, the upper division undergraduate courses originally counted toward the masters may in turn be counted as part of the units required for the Ph.D. Remaining units must be completed at CGU and have approval of faculty advisors and the dean of the school.


Applying Units to Your MBA Degree

Once you begin the program, you can apply up to 16 units of approved coursework to your master’s degree. Approved courses are usually those which would also fulfill requirements for a bachelor’ degree.

All courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Drucker faculty. Students must maintain of B or better.

For more information about the 4+1 BA/MBA Program application process, contact the MBA Admissions Office at drucker@cgu.edu or call (909) 607-7811.


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