Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology

The MSIST degree offers a distinctive blend of practice-based courses within a renowned research environment. The curriculum has been designed to provide technical and managerial skills you can use to succeed in the fast moving field of technology.



The MSIST degree provides a cutting-edge portfolio of concepts, skills, and applications designed to prepare you for the ever growing and changing demands of the IT/IS industry.   The curriculum is organized as follows.

Four (4) core courses: 

  • Databases and Big Data
  • Software Development and Programming
  • Internet Technology and networking
  • IS & T Organizations and Management

Five (5) concentration options (consisting of three (3) courses in a concentration):

  • Data Science and Data Analytics
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cybersecurity and Networking
  • Health Informatics
  • IT Strategy and Innovation

 One (1) Elective and (1) Practicum:

  • Transdisciplinary/ Elective course
  • Practicum (can be waived with permission for working professionals)

Units and Time to Complete

  • 36 units is required
  • 32 units for working professionals in the IT/IS industries (if Practicum is waived).
  • 18 months for full-time students
  • 24 months for part-time students


Download the MSIST Academic Planning Worksheet

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