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Non-Residential Certificate Program in Evaluation
DBOS offers select applicants admission to our high-quality, competency-based certificate program, which can be completed from anywhere in the world. Follow this link for details on our non-residential certificate program.

Professional Development Workshops
The Claremont Evaluation Center offers Professional Development Workshops in Evaluation and Applied Methods each summer for those seeking continuing education.

Online Training Sessions
The school offers frequent online training sessions in "virtual classroom" environments for those seeking practical training in evaluation. Follow the link for our full 2009-2010 season.

Careers in Evaluation
Click here to read about Career Opportunities in Evaluation.

What Constitutes Credible Evidence in Evaluation and Applied Research?
Lively videos on the qualitative/quantitative debate, including passionate panel discussions and in-depth presentations on various viewpoints, are available for free online.

This event also generated a book on "What Constitutes Credible Evidence in Evaluation and Applied Research", showcasing many of the leading thinkers in the field.

The 2010 Evaluation Debate
On August 21, 2010, we will be hosting a lively debate on the use of Systems Theories to improve evaluation practice. Follow the link to reserve your seat (onsite or on the webcast) today!

The 2009 Evaluation Debates: Patton vs. Scriven and Scriven vs. Fetterman vs. Patton
Two thoughtful debates (the keynotes of our 2009 Professional Development Workshops) are available for online viewing.

The 2004 Evaluation Debate: Lipsey vs. Scriven
For highlights and streaming video of the thought-provoking debate, "Determining Causality in Program Evaluation and Applied Research: Should Experimental Evidence Be the Gold Standard?", click on the link.

A Variety of Views About the Future of Evaluation
Evaluating Social Programs and Problems: Visions for the New Millennium by Stewart I. Donaldson and Michael Scriven provides some of the most up-to-date information on the modern practice of evaluation.

More to Read
Several of our faculty members have made readings from their body of research available online. 

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