Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to go to school at Claremont?

For the most current tuition information see the CGU Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Many students receive financial aid in the form of a tuition discount.  The amount of this discount varies, depending on the degree program in which the student enrolls and the qualifications of the student.  Some students receive additional aid in the form of assistantships, which are tied to specific work done for the School. Click here to access our "Financing Your Degree" handout specifically for CISAT Students.

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Application Deadlines:

CGU accepts applications on a rolling basis; however, we suggest that you submit your application by the following priority deadlines to be considered for institutional and financial aid:

Fall (September): March 1
Spring (January): November 1

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Is your school accredited?

Yes, Claremont Graduate University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Accreditation papers are available from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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Standardized test questions

Q: Are standardized tests required?
A: Yes, we will accept either the GRE or the GMAT. This is an institutional requirement.

Q: What is the average GRE score?
A: We do not release average GRE scores. For further questions, contact

Q: What is the average GMAT score?
A: We do not release average GMAT scores. For further questions, contact

Q: Do I have to take both the GRE and the GMAT exams?
A: No, you need to take only one exam.

Q: My GRE or GMAT scores are over 5 years old will you accept them?
A: Unfortunately, scores over 5 years old are not accepted.

Q: I already have a Master's degree do I still have to take the GRE or GMAT exam?
A: Yes, everyone has to take the exams, it is an institutional requirement. However, GRE waivers are available for CISAT applicants who have already obtained a master's degree and have 10+ years of relevent work experience.

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Information for International Students

TOEFL & ILETS are required


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Information for ALL Prospective Students

Q: Can I start my degree program in the Spring or Summer semester?
A: Yes, we admit on a rolling basis. This means that you can start your degree program in the Fall, Spring or Summer.

Q: Does CGU provide on-campus housing for students?
A: Yes, CGU has a 5 building apartment complex with several different configurations from which to choose.  For further details and other housing questions, please check the Office of Student Housing website.

Q: I've missed the Financial Aid deadline, will you still review my file for admission purposes?
A: Yes, we will review your file for financial aid consideration after the priority deadline as well.  However, the availability and amount of any award received is likely to be less than the amount of financial aid given prior to the deadline.

Q: What is the amount of your average financial aid award?
A: Requests for financial aid are reviewed on a case by case basis and all awards are based on standardized test scores, references and demonstrated academic promise (previous GPA.)  Our average award amount ranges between 10-30% of total annual tuition.  However, larger awards up to and including tuition waivers may be granted to some applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential, well above that evidenced by others in the same applicant pool.

Q: How can I apply for a teaching or research assistantship?
A: On the application, please be sure to indicate that you wish to be considered for Institutional Aid. Both the teaching and research assistantships are awarded from our Institutional Aid funds.

Q: Is the Center for Information Systems and Technology the same as the Drucker School of Management?
A: No, we are separate stand-alone schools within the Claremont Graduate University system.  However, we do offer a dual MSIST-MBA degree in cooperation with the Drucker School of Management

Q: If I e-mail or phone you with my standardized test scores, GPA and other background material can you tell me if I'd be admitted to your program?
A: No, we will not determine admission over the phone. We must receive all required documentation before any applicant will be reviewed for admission. Additionally, official notifications of admission decisions are made in writing, not verbally.

Q: Do I need to have a degree in a technical discipline to be admitted into your master's degree program?
A: Our master's degree program is designed to serve the educational needs of students from various academic backgrounds.  While a technical academic background provides the best foundation for graduate education in IS&T, it is not required for admission into our master's program.

Q: Do I need to have a degree in a technical discipline to be admitted into your Ph.D. program?
A: Yes.  The purpose of obtaining a Ph.D. is to become an expert in a particular area of IS&T and to add new and meaningful contributions to the field.  CISAT's Ph.D. program requires students to have a strong academic background in a technical discipline such as IS/IT, computer science, computer engineering, electronic engineering or a technically focused MBA.

Q: If I enter CISAT as a master's degree student, will I be able to continue on to the Ph.D. program upon completion of the master's?
A: While not automatic, our master's degree is designed to feed into our Ph.D. program.  Students completing their last semester of master's course work and who are interested in continuing to the Ph.D. must submit a revised statement of purpose and a change of degree form to the CISAT program administrator which will then be reviewed by the Dean for admission.  To be admitted to the PhD, master's students must have earned high grades in CISAT coursework and show high potential for doing research.

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