CISAT students may concentrate their studies in one of our five sub-fields of IS&T: (1) Cybersecurity and Networking, (2) Data Science and Analytics, (3) GIS, (4) Health Informatics, and (5) IT Strategy and Innovation.

In addition to core courses, each student is required to take the cornerstone course (marked by an asterisk) for their specialization.




Cybersecurity and Networking  
  Cryptography and Computer Security*
  Cybersecurity Risk Management
  Advanced Networking
Data Science and Analytics  
  Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining*
  CS Insight via Python Programming
  The Art of Science of Computational Skills for Industry
  GIS Fundamentals*
  GIS Applications and Solutions
  GIS Advanced Applications and Solutions
Health Informatics  
  Intro to Health Informatics*
  Persuasive Technologies
  Health Geoinformatics
IT Strategy and Innovation


  Delivering Business Value through IS&T Leadership*
  Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  Social Media
  *Cornerstone Course