Frequently Asked Questions

I have little (or no) HR experience, but I am very interested in a career in this field. Is the MSHRM a good "first step?"
Students new to Human Resources will benefit in two ways. First, they are required to take a prerequisite 4-unit, "Principles of Human Resource Management," course. This course provides a solid foundation prior to undertaking the rest of the program. Second, students with relatively little experience are encouraged to gain practical work experience while earning credits by taking the internship elective.

When can I enter the MSHRM program?
We offer continuous enrollment and students are admitted in all three semesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Applications received by February 15 for the fall semester are given priority consideration for institutional financial aid.

How do I apply to the MSHRM program?
We encourage students to apply online. You may also call 909-607-7151 or email Kristen Ahn ( to receive a hard-copy application packet.

How long will it take to complete the MSHRM degree?
In most cases, the MSHRM degree can be completed in five consecutive semesters (about a year and a half). Students who enroll in two courses each module can graduate in this time frame. One of the advantages of the MSHRM program is its flexibility. Work demands, travel schedules and family concerns often prevent students from attending school full time. We offer a full range of courses year round to enable students to choose from a wide range of courses.

What is a module?
A module is a seven-week course. Each semester comprises of two modules. This format allows us to offer a broad range of courses applicable to the HR profession.

How many units are required for the MS HRM degree?
Thirty-six units are required for graduation. Each course is 2 units and is one module in length.

Can you describe the typical MSHRM student?
Actually, there is no typical student. We have a diverse student population that ranges in age, work experience, and marital status. While most of our students are employed in the Human Resources profession, the MSHRM program attracts those new to the profession as well as a number of career transitioners seeking new employment directions.

What is the advantage of the MSHRM degree?
The MSHRM degree is career-specific. Courses focus on areas critical to the success of HR professionals, such as organizational behavior and strategic planning, as well as business and quantitative courses. The MSHRM Program provides students with the critical skills necessary to analyze situations and recommend models (processes) for change in contrast to undergraduate programs that emphasize procedures.

Are GRE or GMAT scores required for admission?
Either GRE or GMAT scores are required for admission. In addition, we require an official application form, three references, a resume, and a personal essay. We take an integrative approach to our admission process. No special weight is placed on any single criterion. We consider the prospective student's overall record and potential for academic success when deciding admissions.

Is a thesis required for graduation?
No. A Master of Science degree does not require a thesis. The capstone courses for the MSHRM are two 2-unit courses that emphasize strategic planning.

What is the typical class size?
We do not think big is necessarily better. Claremont is known for small class size and individual attention. We know our students and pride ourselves on not treating students as numbers. The typical class size is 12-15 students.

What other services and resources are included in my tuition?
Claremont Graduate University offers a multitude of student services and resources. You will have access to a career center, a writing center, medical and counseling services, an excellent computing facility staffed by experienced computer attendants, an email account, and a 1.7 million volume library.

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