Dr. David T. Horner

Expertise: Cognitive Psychology / Research Methods

Email: David.Horner@cgu.edu
Website: www.csupomona.edu/~dhorner


David T. Horner, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Psychology and Sociology Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. David has a B.A. in psychobiology from U.C. Santa Cruz and a Ph.D. in psychology from Indiana University. He taught at Truman State University in Missouri for 3 years, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 9 years, and is currently in his seventh year of teaching at Cal Poly Pomona. His research involves how students learn in the classroom and cognitive factors influencing how humans process tactile information.

HRD 311: Research for Practitioners

Selected Recent Publications
• Horner, D. T., & Siaw, S. (2007). Effects of study guide usage on student test performance. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 18 (1), 1-13.
• Horner, D. T., & Horner, P. L. (2005). Student-generated resource guides on selected topics within a discipline. Inventio, 7(2).
• Horner, D. T, Stetter, K. R., & Marquart, M. (2005). Demonstrations of the ease of detecting additions over deletions. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 4 (2), 102-107.
• Horner, D. T, Stetter, K. R., & McCann, L. I. (1998). Adding structure to unstructured research courses. Teaching of Psychology, 25 (2), 126-128.
• Horner, D. T. (1997). Demonstrations of color perception and the importance of contours. Teaching of Psychology, 24 (4), 268-269.
• Horner, D. T., & Robinson, K. D. (1997). Demonstrations of the size-weight illusion. Teaching of Psychology, 24 (3), 195-197.



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