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Current Courses and Registration

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Program Requirements

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A Sample of Courses Taught at DBOS (Fall 2008-Present)

Please contact the DBOS academic office at (909) 621-8084 or for specific course descriptions or past syllabi.

Psych 235: Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience
Psych 240: Leadership (4 units)
Psych 260: Perception & Cognition (4 units)
Psych 261: Decision Making and Memory (4 units)
Psych 289: Ethical Issues in Psychology (4 units)
Psych 290 : Seminar in Social Cognition (4 units)
Psych 302: Research Methods - PhD (4 units)
Psych 302a: Research Methods - MA (4 units)
Psych 306a: Evaluation Directed Research Seminar (2 units)
Psych 306b: Social Psychology Directed Research Seminar (2 units)
Psych 306c: Cognitive Psychology Directed Research Seminar (2 units)
Psych 306d: Developmental Psychology Directed Research Seminar (2 units)
Psych 306f: Organizational Behavior Directed Research Seminar (2 units)
Psych 308a: Intermediate Statistics (2 units)
Psych 308b: ANOVA (2 units)
Psych 308c: Applied Multiple Regression (2 units)
Psych 308d: Categorical Data Analysis (2 units)
Psych 310: Supervised Teaching Seminar (4 units)
Psych 311a: Professional Writing (4 units)
Psych 311b: Effective Professional Communication (2 units)
Psych 312q: Theory & Practice of Consulting (4 units)
Psych 315a: Theory Driven Evaluation (4 units)
Psych 315b: Foundations of Evaluation (2 units)
Psych 315c: Mixed Methods (2 units)
Psych 315f: Factor Analysis (2 units)
Psych 315h: Structural Equation Modeling (2 units)
Psych 315j: Survey Research Methods (4 units)
Psych 315k: Data Presentation (2 units)
Psych 315n: Meta-Analysis (2 units)
Psych 315p: Secondary Data Analysis (4 units)
Psych 315q: Advanced Qualitative Methods (4 units)
Psych 315r: Longitudinal Analsysis with Continuous & Categorical Data (2 units)
Psych 315t: Multivariate Topics (4 units)
Psych 315w: Quasi-Experimental Methods (4 units)
Psych 315z: Comparative Evaluation Theory (4 units)
Psych 315bb Cost-Benefit Analysis (2 units)
Psych 315cc: The Study of Experience (4 units)
Psych 318: Overview of Social Psychology (4 units)
Psych 319: Organizational Behavior (4 units)
Psych 320: Attitudes & Social Influence (4 units)
Psych 321: Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Theory (4 units)
Psych 322: Interpersonal Processes (4 units)
Psych 323: Group Processes and Intergroup Relations (4 units)
Psych 328a: Memory (4 units)
Psych 329: Foundation of Positive Psychology (4 units)
Psych 330: Advanced Topics in Positive Psychology (4 units)
Psych 331: Adult Development - Classic and Positive Perspectives (4 units)
Psych 332: Adolescent Development (4 units)
Psych 333: Theories of Development (4 units)
Psych 334: Socio-Emotional Development (4 units)
Psych 335: Cognitive Development (4 units)
Psych 339: Survey of Health Behavior Theory (4 units)
Psych 350a: Developmental Psychopathology (4 units)
Psych 350e: Leadership (4 units)
Psych 350h: Organizational Culture (4 units)
Psych 350m: Creativity and Innovation (2 units)
Psych 350n: Grant Writing (4 units)
Psych 350o: Positive Psych Research Practicum (2-4 units)
Psych 350q: Motivation and Peak Performance (4 units)
Psych 350s: Organizational Development and Change (4 units)
Psych 350t: Positive Organizational Scholarship (2 units)
Psych 350v: Health Behavior Program Development (4 units)
Psych 350w: Flow – the Positive Psychological Experience (2 units)
Psych 350x: Positive Contexts (4 units)
Psych 350y: Good Work (4 units)
Psych 350aa: Overview of Applied Health Psychology (2 units)
Psych 350bb: Health Research & Methods (2 units)
Psych 350dd: Applied Social Psychology Research (2 units)
Psych 350ee: Social Identity Research Practicum (4 units)
Psych 350ff: Health Promotion (4 units)
Psych 350hh: Adolescent Health (4 units)
Psych 350jj: Leader Development (2 units)
Psych 350kk: Positive Organizational Psychology (4 units)
Psych 350mm: Job Design (2 units)
Psych 350pp: Positive Leadership (2 units)
Psych 351c: Neurological Bases of Development (4 units)
Psych 351h: The Evaluation of Training (2 units)
Psych 351q: Applied Developmental Psychology (4 units)
Psych 351e: Personnel Evaluation (2 units)
Psych 352a: Sexuality & Gender(4 units)
Psych 352f: Minority Influence (4 units)
Psych 352g: Culture in Psychological Research (4 units)
Psych 352h: Industrial Psychology (4 units)
Psych 352i: Evaluating Development Interventions (4 units)
Psych 352j: Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change (2 units)
Psych 352k: Organizational Learning (4 units)
Psych 352L: Professional Development in Evaluation & Applied Research Methods (2 units)
Psych 350o: Self & Identity (4 units)
Psych 352p: Training Design & Delivery (4 units)
Psych 354b: Evaluation Procedures (4 units)
Psych 354c: Current Issues in Evaluation (2 units)
Psych 354e: The Professional Practice of Evaluation (2 units)
Psych 400m: Continuous Registration (0 units)
Psych 411: Positive Organization & Industrial Organizational Psychology Research Practicum (2 units)
Psych 412: Positive Developmental Research Practicum (2 units)
Psych 450: Field Placement (0-4 units)
Psych 499: Continuous Registration for Doctoral Study (0 units)

HRD 300: Principles of HR Management (2 units)
HRD 301: Overview of Organizational Behavior I (2 units)
HRD 303: Organizational Development (2 units)
HRD 311: Research for Practitioners (2 units)
HRD 313: Program and Organizational Evaluation (2 units)
HRD 319: Human Resource Information System (2 units)
HRD 320: Planned Change Management (2 units)
HRD 322: Financial Analysis for HR (2 units)
HRD 323: Legal Issues in HR (2 units)
HRD 324: Global HR and Diversity (2 units)
HRD 325: Compensation & Benefits (2 units)
HRD 326: Crisis Management (4 units)
HRD 327: Ethical Issues in HR & OD (2 units)
HRD 328: Organizational Strategic Planning (2 units)
HRD 329: Human Resources Strategic Planning (2 units)
HRD 342: Job Design / Redesign (2 units)
HRD 344: Performance Management (2 units)
HRD 346: Training and Development (2 units)
HRD 347: Labor Relations (2 units)
HRD 348: Consulting Skills (2 units)
HRD 351: Employee Selection and Succession Planning (2 units)
HRD 354: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (2 units)
HRD 355: Strategic Management Skills (2 units)

TNDY 401L: Evaluation Across Disciplines (4 units)
TNDY 402a: Extremism (4 units)
TNDY 402m: Evolution, Economics, and the Brain (4 units)
TNDY 402o: Connective Leadership for the 21st Century (4 units)
TNDY 403b: The Representation of Violence (4 units)
TNDY 403c: Toxic Leadership (4 units)
TNDY 403e: Working Across Cultures (4 units)
TNDY 403f: Reasoning for the Social Sciences: Transdisciplinary Perspectives (4 units)

Click this link for more information about CGU's Transdisciplinary Course.

One-day workshops are also available during the summer, and have recently included:

  • Basics of Program Evaluation (Dr. Donaldson & Dr. Christie)
  • Introduction to Applied Data Analysis (Dr. Berger)
  • Establishing the Values for an Evaluation: First, the Needs Assessment (Dr. Scriven)
  • Quasi-Experimental Design & Analysis (Dr. Crano)
  • Consulting Skills for Evaluators: Getting Started (Dr. Barrington)
  • Practical Program Evaluation: the Checklist Approach (Dr. Scriven)
  • Enhancing the Use of Evaluation in Organizations (Dr. Mark)
  • Making Evaluation Models Work for You in Practice (Dr. Christie)
  • From Logic Models to Program Theory (Dr. Donaldson)
  • Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation (Dr. Fetterman)
  • Qualitative Research Methods (Dr. Bligh)
  • How to Write Successful Grant Proposals (Dr. Omoto)
  • Community-Based Evaluation (Dr. Connor)
  • Practical Meta-Analysis for Applied Researchers & Evaluators (Dr. Lipsey)