Tiffanie Lam
DUAL DEGREE MBA / MA Arts Management, Class of 2012

BA in Art History


My peers are so talented, driven, supportive, and diverse that I learn just as much from them as I do the faculty.
How will your graduate degree help you further your career?
Taking courses like Laura Zucker’s (Theory and Practices of Arts Management) and management classes centered around Peter F. Drucker’s philosophies make me confident that I will be able to ask the right questions and work with my colleagues in the best possible manner.  My degree from CGU will show that I am a confident, well-equipped professional who can do great things given the opportunity.

Why did you decide to come to CGU and enroll in the Arts Management Program?
I graduated with a BA in art history and wanted a career dealing with museums.  I knew I wanted a program that was practical and not so theory-based.  I knew the Claremont Colleges were known for their small communities and great faculty-to-student ratio.  As a small, private school, I would have the luxury to tailor-make the program into something that will benefit me as an individual.  I chose the Arts Management program ultimately for its curriculum, its focus on management and its ability to be flexible (as opposed to a Museum Studies program), the option to simultaneously pursue an MBA, and its powerful connections and networks.

How has the Arts Management program benefited you?
The program has exposed me to so many tools and strategies that arts organizations could benefit from.  Our professors are the best and brightest from the arts field, with connections that bring in wonderful speakers and opportunities.  My peers are so talented, driven, supportive, and diverse that I learn just as much from them as I do the faculty.  I believe the program will prepare me for a great career and I can really make a difference in whatever organization I choose.

What would you say to prospective students considering the Arts Management Program at CGU?
If you desire a program that can take you to the heart of the arts field and teach you usable, helpful skills to manage any organization efficiently and magnificently, look no further.  The class sizes are small and intimate; the faculty is caring and brilliant; the student body is collaborative and like family; the campus and location is gorgeous – I can say with one hundred percent confidence that this program will transform you into something wonderful and successful.

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