Joanna Feige
MBA, Concentration in Marketing and Leadership, Class of 2012

BA in Business Administration
(major), Economics (minor)
University of Southern California

Career Background
• Media/Entertainment: Lieberman
Research Worldwide, Lifetime
Network, Henderson Hogan Talent
Agency, Hallmark Channel,

Mulholland Drive Entertainment,
Starz Media
Professional Areas of Interest
• Net Impact Club and Marketing Club at the Drucker School

Drucker Centennial Fellowship


The small classroom setting allows individuals to contribute their own knowledge and learn from the perspectives of the other students in addition to their professors’ knowledge.
Career goals After obtaining my MBA, I aim to work in the Entertainment Industry, preferably at
a film studio or television network, in the marketing field. Eventually, I would like to start and manage my own entertainment marketing Firm.

Why Drucker? The Drucker School of Management has a strong reputation in the Southern
California area, and so when I began to search for a place to earn my MBA, several of my colleagues recommended the school. I had studied Peter Drucker briefly while getting my undergraduate Business degree and had always felt compelled by many of his views on organizations and, especially, corporate social responsibility. 

As I began to research the Drucker School, the school’s intimate program and collaborative philosophies intrigued me greatly; coming from USC, a large undergraduate university, I was interested in a program where I could get a more personal experience and develop stronger relationships with the professors and students. When I visited the school, I was fascinated by the close-knit community of Claremont and the interest that the professors at the Drucker School take in their students.  The Drucker School not only fulfilled all of the qualities I was searching for in a Business School, but its location in the Southern California area is optimal for my interest in the Entertainment industry, and thus, I realized that the Drucker school would be the most fitting place for me to earn my MBA.

What is your most memorable Drucker experience so far? Thus far, my most memorable experience at Drucker has been the marketing case competition that was held at orientation. When I saw “Case Competition” listed as an activity during Orientation, I immediately started to dread it; I thought that the students would be competitive, and I was nervous to present in front of all of my new peers. However, the competition turned out to be very fun! My group members were very open and willing to listen to each of the member’s ideas. I was impressed with how close I felt to my group members after the presentation, and I was also surprised by how much I learned from the others in such a short period of time. The competition also involved silly items that we were supposed to market to “clients”, which added a very creative element to the competition and allowed us to have fun while putting together a marketing plan! The experience paralleled my entire Drucker experience so far- the students come together and make assignments productive but also very enjoyable.

What is your experience in the classroom? The Drucker school has exceeded my expectations with respect to how great of an experience I would have at Business School. I am very pleased with the amount of peer collaboration involved in my experience; students at the Drucker School are truly interested in helping each other and coming together to do the best that we can possibly do as a group, rather than competing with each other as individuals. A majority of my classes involve group projects that provide the students with a lot of freedom to explore different industries and companies that they are interested in and leverage their own strengths in a group atmosphere.

The professors encourage participation and discussion within the classroom, which I believe is paramount for a graduate university; there is such variety in the background of students that the differing perspectives of my peers enhance my classroom experience. Additionally, the professors are very interested in the success of their students, and consequently are very helpful and accessible. I have been greatly impressed by the knowledge, experience, and involvement of the professors at the Drucker School. My favorite part of the Drucker Experience is the small classroom setting that allows individuals to contribute their own knowledge and learn from the perspectives of the other students in addition to their professors’ knowledge.

Favorite spots around Claremont and Southern California? The mountains around Claremont are gorgeous, and I love hiking the many nearby trails. Claremont is also only an hour away from many beautiful beaches—my favorite of which is Hermosa Beach. It is always fun to drive into the Hollywood area, as well!
2016 Claremont Graduate University 1021 North Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 607-7811