Jinhee Jang
MBA, Strategy & Marketing, Class of 2012

BS majoring in clothing and textiles
Master of Home Economics -
  apparel design

Career Background
• Lead designer, Sublitex, Inc.
Textile and Sublimation print design for
women’s apparel

Professional Areas of Interest
• Net Impact, Consulting club

Peter Drucker Centennial Fellowship


"Management as a human enterprise, as a liberal art.” This is the exact idea that started to form in my head regarding how a business should be conducted.
Career goals I would like to concentrate on strategy and leadership during the time here at the Drucker School. Currently I’m interested in general managerial roles in apparel retailers, but I am still open to any other options that might come along the way. With the education in business and management from Drucker along with my background in the fashion industry, I eventually want to establish my own business or become a consultant specialized in fashion business. 

Why Drucker? As I was doing some research for MBA programs, I ran into this sentence from the introduction page of the Drucker School’s website, which made me literally electrified; “And our philosophy is based on people—management as a human enterprise, as a liberal art.” This is the exact idea that started to form in my head regarding how a business should be conducted, and what I’ve been hoping for from my superiors. I also learned that the Drucker School offer to guide its students to develop a management style that values the cultivation of human potential as a company's most valuable resource. It was a striking statement, which quenched my thirst to determine which direction I need to take in order to achieve my ultimate career goal.

What are your expectations from the MBA program? I would like to learn the subject of management from the perspective of artes liberales, which I haven’t had any opportunity of exposure in my previous education, not only within the class room setting but also among the people who make this Drucker community.  I hope there will be always a higher expectation for both sides of the program – the school and the students – and that expectation will be exceeded easily all the time.

What is your experience in the classroom? I’ve been enjoying every single class that I’ve taken here so far. The faculty bring their invaluable knowledge and field experience that is both vivid and vital, with a fresh approach to their teaching methods. The classroom discussion is impressively insightful – you actually learn quite a lot from your peers, as much as you do from teachers. I recently had the most fun in one of the organizational behavior sessions – we were in groups trying to come up with a solution to a problem, and one of us were kept getting fired from the job in the middle of the procedure. The entire situation and the emotion that came with it were all part of the lesson, which was something you don’t expect from a regular lecture.

Your most memorable experience at Drucker so far? During the orientation, there was a team competition. All the first year students (MBAs, MAAMs, and MSFEs) were to form a group and to prepare a presentation to investors for an unusual – rather funny – product. Our group was given a product called ‘candwich’, a sandwich in a can. We had fun in researching this product on-line, brainstorming what points to deliver to this group of ‘mock’ investors, and making a prop – an energy drink can with picture of ‘candwich’ wrapped around, but the best part was that we won this competition! That prop we made is still alive too, as a mascot. I’m pretty sure it will last the entire 2 years with us.

What is your favorite Drucker quote? The best way to predict the future is to create it.
With this dire economy that has been affecting everyone’s life, predicting one’s own future has been tougher than ever, and not many who are courageous enough to risk anything at this point. Nevertheless, here I am, trying to create my own future instead of relying on the circumstances to do something for me. I strongly believe in the power of education and knowledge, and couldn’t agree any more with this quote from P. Drucker.
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