Research and publication is top priority for our faculty, who enjoy a national reputation for scholarship of the highest caliber. They are widely recognized for successfully combining traditional modes of scholarship with new methodologies in the social sciences and the humanities.

Recent Faculty Publications

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Five internationall known research programs and centers in religion enhance the academic experience. Students often participate in these programs through paid administrative positions and as paid research associates.

Affiliated Research Centers

Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center
The Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center (ABMC) serves as an archive for accurate copies of original source materials of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Its mission is two-fold: preservation and research. Above all, ABMC seeks to foster greater accuracy in textual work on the Bible. FMI, visit

Center for Process Studies
CPS was founded in 1973 by John B. Cobb, Jr. and David Ray Griffin to encourage exploration of the relevance of process thought to many fields of reflection and action. As a faculty center of CST in association with the Religion department at CGU, CPS seeks to promote a new way of thinking based on the work of philosophers Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000) through seminars, conferences, publications, and an extensive library. FMI, visit

Institute for Signifying Scripture
The Institute for Signifying Scriptures has as its primary purpose the facilitation of transgressive research into the phenomena — practices, representations, ideologies and power dynamics — historically subsumed under the freighted (English) shorthand “scriptures.” The research agenda has to do primarily not with the pursuit of the content-meaning of texts, but with the description and critical analysis of the complex sights, sounds, movements, and arrangements of social-cultural textures, as they are woven around texts. FMI, visit

The Institute for Postmodern Development of China
The aim of the Institute is to create and promote new modes of development in China and the West.Using ideas that integrate classical Chinese philosophy with constructive forms of Western thought, the Institute will address practical problems associated with economic growth, social change, globalization. FMI, visit

The Institute of Antiquity & Christianity
The Institute for Antiquity and Christianity existed from 1967 to 2008 and was an interdisciplinary center for basic research into the origins of Western Civilization: the ancient Near East, the classical cultures of Greece and Rome, and the emergence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The mandate of the Institute was to instigate advanced research directed by experts in their fields of study, in cooperation with international teams of scholars. The Institute carried out its mission through publications, educational programs, conferences, exhibits, and participation in international scholarly discourse, both to advance knowledge of the cultures, religions, and texts investigated through the Projects and to enrich public understanding and appreciation.  The Claremont Colleges Digital Library contains images of the antiquities associated with the Institute.

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