Our Students in Action

Erin McInerney

Helping Assess Health Safety Programs

Erin McInerney (right), pictured here with a classmate enjoying some California sun.

Master's student Erin McInerney was one of several students awarded with the annual Dean's Fellowship from the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences in 2009. A full-time student in the Organizational Behavior and Evaluation program, she also works as a research assistant with graduate faculty at the School of Community and Global Health (SCGH).

Employed on the Sun Safe Policies and Environments Project, Erin assists faculty in the implementation and evaluation of a program aimed at enabling Southern California school districts to create sun safety policies for students and faculty alike. As an interviewer and coder for this project, Erin talks with principals, teachers and school nurses to asses how the program is being received by students and administration.