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Deborah Faye Carter (School of Educational Studies)

Deborah Faye Carter - New Faculty
School of Educational Studies
PhD, University of Michigan

Why CGU? I came because I was quite attracted to the School of Educational Studies’ (SES) emphasis on social-justice issues. I have been committed to understanding social disparities between racial ethnic groups since high school and so my lifelong commitment to these issues seems to be a good fit with the aims of the SES faculty and students.

What are your research interests? I am interested, broadly, in addressing racial/ethnic disparities in college attendance, college completion, and who goes to graduate school. Recently, my research has focused on the kinds of educational interventions that lead African American and Latina/o students to pursue graduate school in STEM and related fields.

What is the best book you could give someone to get them interested in your field? It is hard to choose just one book, but I have been particularly interested in the recent book Degrees of Inequality by Ann Mullen. It covers a lot of ground in terms of race, class, college choice, academic achievement, and degree expectations.

Do you welcome or despair the widespread digitalization of books and media? Since I possess a Kindle and have the Kindle app on my mobile devices (and I frequently buy media of all kinds online), it would be hypocritical for me to
despair the widespread digitalization of books and other media. I love it and I love having access to my media wherever I am.

What is your most common form of procrastination? I read a lot as a form of procrastination and I read all kinds of things, especially long-form journalism. I also like fiction novels, movies, and tv. If you could choose a career outside academe, what would it be?When I started college, I thought I would be a physical therapist. Now that many years have
passed, I think I would be best suited to be a librarian, computer programmer, or private investigator if I were not in academe.


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