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faculty achievements


Kathy Pezdek (Social Science, Policy & Evaluation)

Kathy Pezdek (Social Science, Policy & Evaluation) published “Oxytocin Eliminates the Own-Race Bias in Face Recognition Memory” with I. Blandón-Gitlin, S. Saldivar, and E. Steelman, in Brain Research, and “The Effect of Nonprobative Photographs on Truthiness Persists over Time” with E. Fenn, E.J. Newman, and M. Garry, in Acta Psychologica. Pezdek also presented her research to the American Psychology-Law Society in Portland and to the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition in Rotterdam. She gave a keynote address to a meeting of the Los Angeles Bar Association’s Homicide Panel on “Dealing with Eyewitness Evidence in Homicide Cases.”

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