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faculty achievements


Paul Zak (Social Science, Policy & Evaluation)

Paul Zak (Social Science, Policy & Evaluation) published “Oxytocin Increases the Influence of Public Service Advertisements” in PLOS ONE with P.Lin, N.S. Grewal, C. Morin, and W.D. Johnson, and “Oxytocin and the Biological Basis for Interpersonal and Political Trust” in Political Behavior with J.L. Merolla, G. Burnett, K. Pyle, and S. Ahmadi. Zak’s book, The Moral Molecule, recently appeared in translations in Japan, Latin America (Spanish), Brazil, and Hungary. He gave many presentations, including at the Positive Business Forum in Milan, Italy, and media appearances including Through the Wormhole on the Science channel, and various shows for the BBC, NHK (Japan), and Russian television. His work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, The Guardian (UK), The Washington Times, CNN, and The Oprah Magazine.

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