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Teaching Psychology Online: Tips and Strategies for Success

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Teaching Psychology Online: Tips and Strategies for Success
(Psychology Press)
By Stewart I. Donaldson and Kelly S. Neff

Intended as a resource for psychology educators ranging from teaching assistants to experienced faculty, this book
shows readers how to effectively create and manage an online psychology course. Guidelines for preparing courses,
facilitating communication, and assigning grades are provided along with activities and assessments geared specifically towards psychology. Pedagogical theories and research are fused with the authors’ teaching experiences to help maximize
the reader’s abilities as an online psychology instructor. The book focuses on psychology education at the undergraduate level but it also includes material appropriate for graduate students and professionals. Readers will find helpful examples from all the major content areas including introductory, social, developmental, biological, abnormal, and positive psychology, and human sexuality.

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