Board of Advisors

Vijay Arora, M.D.

Alfred Balitzer, Ph.D.

Betty Bernhard, Ph.D.

Christopher K. Chapple, Ph.D.

Shukavak Dasa, Ph.D.

Prabhu Dhalla, M.D.

Sudhakar Dixit, M.D.

Mahesh Gupta, M.D.

Naveen Gupta, M.D.

Cynthia Humes, Ph.D.

Gauri Kumar, D.D.S

Nita Kumar, Ph.D.

Arvind Kumar, Ph.D.

Satish Lal, M.D.

Anand Rao Lingayat

Sreenivas Nakka, M.D.

Bhupesh Parekh

Bipin C. Patadia, M.D.

Jeereddi A. Prasad, M.D.

Rajiv T. Puri, M.D.

Harihar Rao

Prem Reddy, M.D.

Raj Sardesai, Ph.D.

Akshaya Seth, CLU, ChFC

Manohar Shinde, Ph.D

Tejinder Singh, M.D.

Uka Solanki

Anil Srivastav

Ramesh Upadhyayula

Thank You

We thank you for your continued support over the years.  Without your help and support we wouldn't be here and certainly wouldn't be able to offer the kinds of programs we have been able to offer to you and our community.  We look forward to your continued support now and in the years to come. ~ The Indic Board




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