Co-Concentration in Health Behavior Research

Doctoral Level

Ph.D. students in any area of Psychology may propose to complete a co-concentration (similar to a minor) in Health Behavior Research (HBR). This request will normally be considered during the student’s portfolio committee meeting. A faculty member in Health Behavior Research must approve the request, and at least one tool or item in the student’s portfolio must be in the area of Health Behavior Research.

If approved, students will be required to complete 16 units in Health Behavior Research. The student’s portfolio committee must approve the specific courses that will count towards the 16-unit co-concentration. At least 8 units of coursework must be core courses. In most cases, 12 units of coursework will be core courses. These core courses are subject to the same regulations as other core courses in the student’s program, i.e. each course must be passed with a grade of “B” or higher. Thus the required courses for a co-concentration in Health Behavior Research will be made up of:

Core Courses (8-12 units)

Psych 350aa - Overview of Applied Health Psychology (2 units)
Psych 350bb - Health Behavior Research & Measures (2 units)
Psych 339 - Survey of Health Behavior Theory (4 units)
Psych 350v - Health Behavior Program Development (4 units)

Additional Courses in Health Behavior Research

4-8 units for a total of 16 units