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Courses Offered

REL 335 The Bible and the "Margins:" Subaltern Peoples and Sacred Texts Wimbush
REL 345 Christian Scriptures: History, Politics and Phenomenology in the West Wimbush
REL 354 Sacrifice and the Construction of the Christian and Western Myths Wimbush
REL 406 Introduction to Akkadian Schneider
REL 407 Introduction to Religion in Mesopotamia Schneider
REL 409 The Assyrians: Text, Art, Archaeology Schneider
REL 414 Ancient Near Eastern Law Schneider
REL 420 History of the Ancient Near East Schneider
REL 422 Mesopotamian Literature Schneider
REL 432 Contemptus Mundi: History of an Orientation Wimbush
REL 437 Women in Samuel Schneider
REL 440 Thinking Black: Politics of Symbolization in Greco-Roman & Christian Antiquity Wimbush
REL 447 Philosophers, Moralists, Visionaries: Practices, Rhetorics and Politics of Enemies of the Roman Empire Wimbush
REL 448 Archaeology of the Lands of the Bible Schneider
REL 450 Making Apologies: Early Christian Discursive and Social Formations Wimbush
REL 453 Women in Genesis Schneider
REL 455 Women in the Book of Judges Schneider
REL 474 Comparative Scriptures Wimbush



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