Related Courses at the Claremont Colleges and CST

REL 10CM Intro to Asian Religious Traditions Michon CMC
REL 90SC Early Christian Bodies Jacobs Scripps
REL 91SC Heretics, Deviants, and “Others” in Early Christianity Jacobs Scripps
REL 92SC Varieties of Early Christianity Jacobs Scripps
REL 93SC Early Christianity and/as Theory Jacobs Scripps
REL 200PO Worlds of Buddhism Zhiru Pomona
REL 202CM Classics of the Hindu Tradition Staff CMC
REL 203PO Religious Traditions of China Zhiru Pomona
REL 204PO Religious Traditions of Japan Zhiru Pomona
REL 206PZ Zen Buddhism Parker Pitzer
REL 207PZ Islamic Philosophy Staff Pitzer
REL 214PZ Sociology of Religion Zuckerman Pitzer
REL 217PO World of Mahayana Scriptures: Art, Doctrine and Practice Zhiru Pomona
REL 219PZ Religion in Medieval East Asia Parker Pitzer
REL 220CM The Life of Jesus Gilbert CMC
REL 222 New Testament & Early Christian Origins Jacobs Scripps
REL 224SC Myth in Classical Religious Traditions Staff Pomona
REL 227PO Saints and Society Wolf Pomona
REL 229CM Formative Judaism Gilbert CMC
REL 230PO Convivencia: Religious “Tolerance” Medieval in Medieval Spain Wolf Pomona
REL 231CM Synagogue and Church Gilbert CMC
REL 232CM Messiahs and the Millennium Runions Pomona
REL 233PO Modern Judaism Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 235CM Jerusalem: The Holy City Gilbert CMC
REL 237CM Jewish-Christian Relations Gilbert CMC
REL 238CM American Religious History Espinosa CMC
REL 239PO Benjamin, Blancot, Levinas, Derrida: Contemporary Continental Jewish Philosophy Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 240PO The Idea of God: Modern Theologies of Belief Irish Pomona
REL 241PO The Experience of God: Contemporary Theologies of Transformation Irish Pomona
REL 243CM Philosophy of God Davis CMC
REL 244CM Life, Death, and Survival of Death Davis CMC
REL 245CM Religion and Science Staff HMC
REL 245PO Islamic Thought Kassam Pomona
REL 246CM The Holocaust Staff CMC
REL 251 Spirit Matters: In Search of a Personal Ecology Irish Pomona
REL 252PO Ritual and Magic in Children’s Literature Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 253CM Religion and American Politics Espinosa CMC
REL 258PO Introduction to Jewish Mysticism Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 260 Feminist Interpretations of the Gospels Staff Scripps
REL 261CM Gurus, Swamis, and Others Humes CMC
REL 262PO Modern Jewish Philosophy Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 263CM Women and Gender in the Jewish Tradition Gilbert CMC
REL 264PO Engendering and Experience: Women in the Islamic Traditions Kassam Pomona
REL 266 Comparative Studies in Religion Staff Pomona
REL 266PO Divine Body: Religion and Environment Kassam Pomona
REL 266CM Religion, Politics and Global Violence Espinosa CMC
REL 267PZ Theory and Practice of Resistance to Monoculture Parker Pitzer
REL 270SC Women and Religion in Greco-Roman Antiquity Jacobs Scripps
REL 272PO Celluloid Bible: Hollywood, the Bible, and Ideologly Runions Pomona
REL 273 Philosophy of Religion Davis Pitzer
REL 274CM Religion and the American Presidency Espinosa CMC
REL 275CM Visions of the Divine Feminine in Hinduism and Buddhism Staff CMC
REL 277PO Gender and Religion Runions Pomona
REL 278PO The Modern Jewish Experience Eisenstadt Pomona
REL 280PO Interpreting Religious Worlds Smith Pomona
REL 284HM Science and Religion Staff HMC
REL 284PO Queer Theory and the Bible Runions Pomona
REL 301 Introduction to Christian Ethics Kao CST
REL 303 Basic Aspects of the Study of the New Testament Staff CST
REL 307 Basic Aspects of the Study of the Hebrew Bible Staff CST
REL 310 History of Judaism & Jewish Thought Sweeney CST
REL 312 The Urban Context of Theology and Ministry Mata CST
REL 317 Visionaries and Mystics in Jewish Literature Sweeney CST
REL 322 Classical Greek Literature and the New Testament MacDonald CST
REL 322 Homer and the New Testament MacDonald CST
REL 325 Reading the Bible After the Shoah/Holocaust Sweeney CST
REL 327 The Gospel of John Riley CST
REL 328 Jesus Outside the New Testament MacDonald CST
REL 330 World Religions in Dialogue I Slessarev-Jamir CST
REL 330 World Religions in Dialogue II Ruether CST
REL 337 The Ethics of Responsibility Staff CST
REL 433 Psychology and Religion Greider CST
REL 340 Pedagogies for Justice & Conflict Transformation Kujawa-Holbrook CST
REL 344 Asian American Christianity: Theology, Ethics, & the Church Kao CST
REL 344 Biblical Archaeology: The Hellenistic-Roman Period Staff CST
REL 349 Jesus and Christ Riley CST
REL 352 The Epistles of Paul MacDonald CST
REL 353 Prophecy and Prophetic Literature Sweeney CST
REL 355 Five Books of Moses Staff CST
REL 371 The Gospel of Luke and Acts MacDonald CST
REL 387 Spirituality and Worship in the Early Christian Church Riley CST
REL 404 Form Critical Methodology Sweeney CST
REL 409 Q, Mark, and Thomas MacDonald CST
REL 410 Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles MacDonald CST
REL 411 Jeroboam in the Deuteronomistic History Sweeney CST
REL 415 Aramaic Staff CST
REL 425 Readings in Apocalyptic Literature M. Sweeney CST
REL 430 Ezekiel M. Sweeney CST
REL 437 Justice Organizing in Response to Globalization Slessarev-Jamir CST
REL 445 Paul and the Pauline School Riley CST
REL 451 Jeremiah Sweeney CST
REL 457 New Testament Seminar/Graeca Staff CST
REL 470 Redaction-Critical Methodology Sweeney CST
REL 471 The Elijah Tradition Sweeney CST
REL 474 Religion & Law in the US Kao CST
REL 479 Hellenistic Jewish Texts (in Greek) MacDonald CST
REL 384 Beginning Greek Staff CST
REL 485 The New Testament and Greco-Roman Religions Riley CST
REL 492 Gnosticism Riley CST

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