Chris Weber  

Career Background
BA, Film Studies, BA, Anthropology,
UC Santa Barbara
UCLA - Teaching Credential in  Career Technical Education: Multimedia Production/Commercial Photography
Media Tube Productions - Producer
Goldenwest College & Saddleback College - Adjunct Faculty, Film & Television Production
Coastline Regional Occupational Program - Instructor, Film & Video Production
Freelance television camera operator & audio mixer

Professional Areas of Interest
• Television programming in the Age of the Internet 

 FEMBA, Concentration: Marketing and Global Management

Career goals I will apply my knowledge of management toward the start-up and longevity of a multimedia content delivery firm. Since the business model of television programming and advertising is being scrapped in favor of a multi-stream platform, I want to capture the new opportunities that will open up as a result of the increased demand for programming content, particularly in the non-English speaking world.

Most memorable experience at Drucker My most memorable experience at Drucker has been the new student orientation, particularly the case competition on the final day. The four-day orientation provided for a valuable immersion into the world of Drucker MBAs and the larger network within which I now belonged. The case competition allowed me to work intensely with like-minded individuals on a business problem, which in our case was the launch of an eco-friendly chocolate bar. While we were far from the best team, we came together and put our best efforts into a single direction. The level of competition was quite high throughout, and it was encouraging to know that I would be learning with and from those teams who out-performed mine.


If we are to improve ourselves from mere individuals to contributing members of a productive society, we must measure our progress by daily actions taken and the results they have achieved.


Experience in the classroom I have enjoyed the world-class lectures prepared by my instructors and the vigorous debate that is promoted within the classes. Each day I leave campus, I bask in the satisfaction of knowing that whatever cost I have incurred to attend the Drucker School pales in comparison to the rewards I am receiving. From the challenging coursework to the enlightening conversations, I have fully immersed myself in the health-giving waters of the Drucker School.

How Drucker prepares me for real-life success As I have made the plunge into running my own company, I am constantly rewarded with new knowledge that allows me to reassess my past mistakes and create action plans for the future. Financial accounting, marketing management, and economic strategy have provided me with short and long term strategic tools that will help ensure sustainable profits and positive societal contributions.

Favorite places in Claremont
While Claremont Village is ripe with tasty eateries and sellers of libations, my favorite places to visit are actually on-campus: the tranquil quads and patios of Scripps College. These little hide-a-ways exude a wonderful positive energy and all have wi-fi access!

As Peter Drucker asked,
Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different?

If we are to improve ourselves from mere individuals to contributing members of a productive society, we must measure our progress by daily actions taken and the results they have achieved. When Drucker asks, "Tell me what you will do on Monday that is different," it forces me to address the interconnectedness of long-term goals and short-term actions. It is too common a story that one speaks of plans for what the future will hold, yet performs no actions to ensure their fulfillment. This Monday must be an improvement on Monday last, shaped by informed actions that show a recognition of past mistakes and of future risks. I must produce a result that was calculated to occur based on previous efforts. This Monday I will act to improve.
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