Corrie van den Akker  

Career Background
• BA in Communications with a minor in Business from the University of San Diego

2003-2006: Client Services Manager - Baker & Associates in Charleston, South Carolina
2006-Present: Account Supervisor – Arrowhead Advertising in Phoenix, AZ

 FEMBA, Concentration: Marketing, Class of  2011

Why choose Drucker? My main reason for choosing Drucker was the class sizes. I attended a very small, private high school where there was a lot of student to student and student to teacher interaction, and I discovered that this type of learning environment is best for me. This continued in college with the University of San Diego, which is also very small, and so I looked for a graduate school that met the same criteria. .

Career goals I hope to expand my knowledge of marketing and advertising, and together with my newly acquired skills in management, I would like to move into a managerial role at an advertising agency or similar. Taking on the responsibility of leading a team of employees to success and productivity seems like it would be a very rewarding endeavor. 

Most memorable experience at Drucker My most memorable experience thus far has been with one class in particular – Self Management taught by Professor Jeremy Hunter. I took this class over the summer at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed with work responsibilities, home responsibilities and the addition of scholastic responsibilities. This class gave me tools that I will take with me for life on how to manage my stress and remain productive and healthy. My classmates and I, together with Professor Hunter, created a unique environment where we all felt comfortable to share our experiences with one another. It was a fantastic experience!


If we are to improve ourselves from mere individuals to contributing members of a productive society, we must measure our progress by daily actions taken and the results they have achieved.


Experience in the classroom My experience in the classroom so far has been outstanding. At Drucker, students are really encouraged to participate and share with their classmates, and this allows them to come out of their shell a little bit to really explore some of the complex material that we are discussing. It is very fulfilling to have the chance to hear a different perspective on an issue and explore that with your fellow classmates. The faculty at Drucker has been nothing but encouraging and helpful, skillfully leading the discussion in a way that lets the students expand their learning and share openly.

How Drucker prepares me for real-life success One of the most practical and “real-life” classes that I have taken at Drucker is the Self-Management class. It gave me real tools that I can take into my professional career. Other classes such as Organizational Behavior give you a great insight into the behavior of co-workers and how knowing and understanding different management styles can lead to the success of your team. The focus on class participation and presentations in all classes really prepares you for management, where speaking in front of a large group is common.

Favorite places in Claremont
I recently discovered the James Turrell Sky Space at Pomona College…beautiful experience!

As Peter Drucker said,
Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.

At Drucker I have learned that before you can become an effective manager and leader of others, you must first know yourself and learn how to manage yourself. This involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses and knowing the values that you hold dear. At Drucker I am learning about my management style and really beginning to discover where my strengths and weaknesses lie. This is important because, as Peter Drucker said, “…knowing where one belongs makes ordinary people…into outstanding performers.”
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