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The Institute for Signifying Scriptures has as its primary purpose the facilitation of transgressive research into the phenomena — practices, representations, ideologies and power dynamics — historically subsumed under the freighted (English) shorthand “scriptures.” The research agenda has to do primarily not with the pursuit of the content-meaning of texts, but with the description and critical analysis of the complex sights, sounds, movements, and arrangements of social-cultural textures, as they are woven around texts.
In recognition of their inconsistent (in)visibility to standard criticisms, and on account of the challenges that their positionalities-in and orientations-to the world offer to general theorizing about the ways human beings communicate, seek, and negotiate meaning and social power (signify), privileged but not exclusive focus is placed upon dominated peoples around the world.

About ISS

ISS facilitates research on the work we make scriptures do for us.

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