Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Series

Scriptures are in different respects and to different degrees embedded within most historical and contemporary social orders. Comprehending any society must include fathoming what it understands as its scriptures and how these scriptures work in the society.

The Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Series brings together graduate students and faculty from various disciplines to discuss topics and issues related to the invention and engagement of scriptures in society and culture. The sessions take place on selected Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:00 in the IAC Library (831 N. Dartmouth Ave, Claremont). All are welcome.

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Fall 2013 Schedule

September 26
Richard Newton, Ph.D. candidate, Religion, Claremont Graduate University
"Roots: Alex Haley's Scriptural Story"

October 10
Forum: “Ten Years of the Institute for Signifying Scriptures: The Genealogy of an Intellectual Project”

October 24
Book Review Forum: Vincent L. Wimbush (ed.), Misreading America: Scriptures and Difference (Oxford University Press, 2013)
Panelists: Cheryl Walker (moderator), David K. Yoo, Amanda J. Lucia, Jennifer S . Hughes, Love Sechrest

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