Research Foci

Thinking and Talking about Scriptures

If not simply about "texts" and their contents, how should the social phenomena and dynamics— often referred to with the freighted English abbreviations "scriptures"— be thought about, discussed, researched, debated in the 21st century?

  • This is the over-arching framing/defining focus of ISS; it is determinative of, and informed by, all other foci listed below, insofar as it reflects the commitment to communicate with and disseminate results of conversation and research to larger publics and thereby be part of ferment, change, and consciousness-raising in religious communities, the academy, and in society at large.
  • Each focus invites Research Projects, with a number of committed collaborators, and with clear specified limited timetables and goals.
  • Research Projects are to be seen as ultimately inter-related and overlapping, the division respecting some special interests and areas of technical expertise.
  • All Research Projects are to be historical and comparative in focus and orientation, with sensitivity to gender-specific issues and dynamics, and with special although not exclusive focus upon historically ex-centric peoples as analytic wedge.

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