Research Associates

Interest Area(s)
Wande Abimbola
Ifá Institute of Atlanta
Conyers, GA
Yoruba Religion
Efraín Agosto
New York Theological Seminary
New York, NY
New Testament
Latino Studies
William Andrews
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
African American Literature
Mark Aronoff
State University of New York
Stony Brook, NY
Contemporary Linguistics
Hector Avalos
Iowa State University
Ames, IA
Biblical and Near Eastern Studies
Latino/a Religion and Literature,
Religion and Violence, Religion and Science
Margaret Aymer
Interdenominational Theological Center
Atlanta, GA
New Testament
Mahmoud M. Ayoub
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Islamic Studies
Randall Bailey
Interdenominational Theological Center
Atlanta, GA
Hebrew Bible
Carol Bakhos
University of California
Los Angeles, CA
Antique Rabbinic Compilations
Medieval Jewish and Islamic Scriptural Interpretations
Shahzad Bashir
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Islamic Studies, Messianism, Sufism
Intellectual History of Islamic East
Katherine Clay Bassard
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA
African American Literature
Race, Religion, and Gender
Angela Bauer-Levesque
Episcopal Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
Race, Gender & Bible
Kimberly Benston
Haverford College
Haverford, PA
African-American Literature
Renaissance Literature
James Bielo
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio
Anthropology of Religion
Discourse Analysis
Christianity in the USA
Brian K. Blount
Union Theological Seminary and & Presbyterian School of Christian Education
Richmond, VA
New Testament
African American Hermeneutics
Daniel Boyarin
University of California
Berkeley, CA
Jewish Studies
Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology
Women, Sexuality, Gender Studies
Athalya Brenner
Tel Aviv University
Feminist Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Early Judaisms
Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Hebrew Bible and Cultures
Semitic Philology
Denise Kimber Buell
Williams College
Williamstown, MA
Race and Christian Origins
Richard Bushman
Columbia University
New York, NY
American Social and Cultural History
History of Mormon Theology
Lived Religion among Mormons
Rudy Busto
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
Asian American/Pacific Islander Religions
Chicano/a/Latina/o Religions
Gay L. Byron
Howard University School of Divinity
New Testament and Early Christianity
Claudia V. Camp
Texas Christian University
Fortworth, TX
Gender Ideology and Its Intersections with Canon Consciousness
Religious Texts and Ideas
Christopher Key Chapple
Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA
Renouncer Religious Traditions of India
Ronald Charles
University of Toronto
Toronto, CANADA
Early Christian Literature
Postcolonial Studies
Scriptures in Haiti
David Chidester
University of Cape Town
Comparative Religions
Sathianathan Clarke
Wesley Theological Seminary
Washington, DC
World Christianity
Tales of Jesus in Asia
Religious Fundamentalism
Alan Cole
Lewis & Clark College
Portland, OR
Cultural and Literary History of Medieval Buddhism in China
Indian Buddhism
Herbert "Skip" Cole
Professor Emeritus
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
African American, Native American, Oceanic, and Indonesian Art in Festivals, Shrines, and Performance
Jean Comaroff
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Anthropology and Social Sciences
Valerie Cooper
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
African American Religious history
Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism
Religion and Society
Religion and Popular Culture
African American Women's Religious Narratives
Cécile Coquet-Mokoko
Université François Rabelais
African American Studies
Vincent Crapanzano
CUNY Graduate Center
New York, NY
Symbolic and Interpretive Anthropology
Anthropology and Literature
Theories of Interpretation
Curating Gnosis: Discovery, Power and the Creation of (a) Discipline
Lara Deeb
Scripps College
Claremont, CA
Religion (with a focus on Islam)
Transnational Feminist Analyses
Middle East Studies
Arab American Studies
Ana María Díaz-Stevens
Professor Emerita
Union Theological Seminary
New York, NY
Churches, Education and the Family
Religious and Literary Production of Peoples in Migration
Laura E. Donaldson
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Native American Literature
Literature and Culture
Native American Women
Postcolonial studies, Gender, Race and Law
Musa Dube
University of Botswana
Gabarone, BOTSWANA
Biblical Hermeneutics
Feminist Hermeneutics
Kathy Eden
Columbia University
New York, NY
History of Rhetorical and Poetic Theory in Antiquity, including Late Antiquity and the Renaissance within the larger context of Intellectual History and with an Emphasis on the Problems of Reception
Lori Anne Ferrell
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA
Early Modern Britain
Gampiot, Aurélien Mokoko
The Capitol School, Inc. Tuscaloosa, AL
African Religions in Central Africa and Europe
Ethnicity and Migrations in Europe
Grey Gundaker
College of Willliam & Mary
Williamsburg, VA
African American Vernacular Practices Expressive Culture
Visual Anthropology
Paul Charles Gutjahr
University of Indiana
Bloomington, IN
American Literature and Culture
American Religious and Intellectual Thought
History of the Book in America
Religious Publishing
Literacy Studies
Sandra Graham
University of California
Davis, CA
Negro Spirituals
Music of Central Europe
Charles Hallisey
Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
Buddhist Studies
Pali Language and Literature
Michelle M. Hamilton
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Medieval Iberian Literature and Culture
Medieval Arabic and Hebrew Literature from the Iberian Peninsula
Manuscripts and the History of the Book
Confessional Identities
Susan F. Harding
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA
Rural Political Economy and Culture
Religious and Political Communities and Discourses
Leonard Harris
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
American Philosophy
African American Philosophy
Race and Racialism
Ronne Hartfield
Chicago, IL
Independent Consultant in Museum Education and Planning
Jione Havea
United Theological College
North Parramatta, NSW
Oceanic Cultures
Island Hermeneutics
Postcolonial and Crosscultural Studies
Chanta Haywood
North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC
English and American Literature
Gina Hens-Piazza
Jesuit School of Theology
Berkeley, CA
Deuteronomic History
Feminist Readings
New Historicism and Cultural Studies
Jacqueline Hidalgo
Williams College
Williamstown, MA
U.S. Latina/o Religions
Religion and Culture
Scriptures and Communities
Utopias and Utopianism
Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
Robert Hill
University of California
Los Angeles, CA
Marcus Garvey and Garveyite Movement
Pan Africanism
Alonzo (Lon) Huntsman
Salt Lake City, UT
Early Christian Literature
Greco-Roman Religions
The relationship of texts and power

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Jane N. Iwamura
University of the West
Rosemead, CA
Asian American Religions
Race and ethnicity
Popular Culture in the United States
Johari Jabir
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
African American Religions
Culture (Music)
John L. Jackson, Jr.
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Ethnographic Methods in Media Analysis
Visual Studies
Racial Disparities and Media Technology
Globalization and the Re-making of Ethnic/Racial Diasporas
Phyllis Jackson
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
Arts and Cinema of Africa and African Diaspora
Andrew S. Jacobs
Scripps College
Claremont, CA
Early Christian History
Biblical Interpretation
Jewish-Christian 'Relations' in Antiquity
Gender and Cultural Studies
Leslie R. James
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN

African Diaspora, Religion and History
Sylvester A. Johnson
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Colonialism and African American Religions
Scriptures and Cultural theory
Religion Race and Historiography
Missionary Religion in the United States
P. Kimberleigh Jordan
Marble Collegiate Church
New York, NY
Religion, Dance and African American Culture
Israel Kamudzandu
Saint Paul School of Theology
Kansas City, MO
Cross-cultural Methodology for twenty-first century Biblical Interpretation
Peace and Justice issues
Tazim R. Kassam
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
Islamic Tradition
Muslims in South Asia: Gender, Ritual, Devotional Literature, Syncreticism and Cultural Heritage
Shawn Kelley
Daemen College
Amherst, NY
Synoptic Gospels
Bible and Racialism
Karen Leigh King
Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
Women's Studies
Cultural Studies
Heresy in Ancient Christianity
Leslie King-Hammond
Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore MD
African American Art History
Jennifer Wright Knust
Boston University
School of Theology
Boston, MA
Gender and Ancient Christianity
Wesley A. Kort
Duke University
Durham, NC
Religion and Literary Studies
Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan
Drew University
Madison, NJ
Asian American Biblical Interpretation
Gyung-won Lee
Daejin University
Korean Narrative Religions
Daesoon Thought
Conflict and Peace Issues
James Kyung-Jin Lee
University of California
Irvine, CA
Asian American Literature and Literary Studies
Comparative Race Studies
Sidney Lemelle
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
South Africa
African History
Tat-Siong Benny Liew
Pacific School of Religion
Berkeley, CA
Identity, Community and Interpretation
Velma Love
ETS Study of Black Congregational Life
Howard University School of Divinity
Washington, D.C.
African American Religious Traditions
African Traditional religions
Scriptures and Ethnography
Kirk D. Lyons
New York Theological Seminary
New York, NY
African American Worship & Ritual
Cultural Hermeneutics
Burton L. Mack
Claremont, CA
Christian Origins, Social Formation and Early Christian Myth-Makings
Brian Malley
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Anthropology of Evangelical Biblicism
Fedwa Malti-Douglas
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN
Arabic Literary Studies
Gurinder S. Mann
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
Sikh Studies
Bhakti Literature
Religion and Society in the Punjab
Sylvia Marcos
University of the State of Morelos
Morelos, MEXICO
Gender and Society
Women's Studies Indigenous Religious Traditions
Mustapha Marrouchi
University of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV
Post-colonial Literature
Martin Marty
Chicago, IL
American Religion
Religion and Culture
Jane D. McAuliffe
Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA
Islamic Studies
Colleen McDannell
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Material Religion and Popular Culture
Claudine Michel
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
Comparative and International Education
Race and Gender Studies
Morality and Religion in Haiti
Daniel Michon
Claremont Mckenna College
Claremont, CA
South Asian Religion and Culture
Sikh and Punjab Studies
Wilson J. Moses
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA
US Intellectual History
African American
European Intellectual History
Valentin Y. Mudimbe
Duke University
Durham, NC
African philosophy
African religions
Ida R. Mukenge
Moorehouse College
Atlanta, GA
Identity and Mental Health
Africa and the Diaspora
Sociology of Religion
Nadine Naber
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Arab American Studies
Feminist Transnational and Diaspora Studies
Vasudha Narayanan
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Sri Vaishnava Tradition
Hindu Traditions in India, Cambodia, America
Hinduism and Environment
Peter T. Nash
Wartburg College
Waverly, IA
Intercultural Readings of the Bible
Global Communities
Africa & the Ancient Near East
Northwest Semitic Philology
Laura S. Nasrallah
Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
Colonialism, Gender, Status and Politics in the production and Ancient History of Interpretation of New Testament and Early Christian writings, contemporaneous Literature, Archaeological materials
University of Notre Dame, IN
Intellectual; Religious; United States
Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha
California State University
Northridge, CA
Religious Studies
Human Rights
Sylvester Ogbechie
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
Classical, Modern and Contemporary African and African Diaspora Arts
Visual Culture
Knowledge Systems Theory
Olademo Oyeronke
University of Illorin
Illorin, Nigeria
African Religious Traditions
Gender Issues
J. Patrick Olivelle
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX
Ancient Indian Religious History
Kofi A. Opoku
African University
Accra, Ghana
Traditional African Religion and Culture
Religious Movements in Ghana and West Africa
Akan Culture
Oral Literature and History
Christianity and African Culture
Islam and African Culture
African Cultural Retentions in the Americas
Hugh R. Page, Jr.
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN
African American Biblical Interpretation
Religious Traditions and Black Identity Construction
Mysticism and Esotericism in African And African-Diasporan Communities
Joseph Parker
Pitzer College
Claremont, CA
East Asian Religion
Zen Buddhism
Feminist and Gender Studies
Transnational Cultural Studies
Stephen J. Patterson
Willamette University
Salem, OR
New Testament
Christian Origins
Gospel of Thomas
Laurie Patton
Duke University
Durham, NC
Interpretation of Early Indian Ritual and Narrative
Women and Hinduism in Contemporary India
Minda Perangin-angin
Ecumenical Dept., Karo Batak Protestant Church
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Religion and Culture in Indonesia
Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo
University of Oslo
History of Religions
Cultural Studies
Patrick Polk
University of California
Los Angeles, CA
Folk Religion
Material Behavior
Popular Culture
Urban Visual Traditions
Michelle Raheja
University of California
Riverside, CA
Native American Literature
Film and Visual Culture
Marc Redfield
Brown University
Providence, RI
Literary Theory
Postmodern Pedagogies
Jennifer Reid
University of Maine at Farmington
Farmington, Maine
Colonial and Post-Colonial Religion
History and Theory of Religion
Stephen Reid
Baylor University
Waco, TX
African American Biblical Hermeneutics
John Renard
Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO
Islamic Studies
Rosamond C. Rodman
California State University
Northridge, CA
Bible and American Culture
Women and Religion
Jean-Pierre Ruíz
St. John's University
Queens, NY
Biblical Studies
Hispanic/Latino/a Theology
Erin Runions
Pomona College
Pomona, CA
Bible and Film
Hebrew Bible
Women and Religion
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S. Michael Saad
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA
Coptic Studies
Ranu Samantrai
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN
Cultural Studies
Postcolonial Literature
Contemporary Britain
Black Britain
Boykin Sanders
Virginia Union University
Richmond, VA
New Testament Studies
African American Traditions
Susanne Scholz
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
Hebrew Bible
Feminist Interpretations
Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
New Testament
Feminist Biblical Interpretations
Thomas M. Scott
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA
Ancient Africa and New Testament and Christian Origins
Contemporary Metaphysical Thought
Poetry as Theology
Yan Shoucheng
National Institute of Education
Chinese History and Religion
Pashaura Singh
University of California
Riverside, CA
Canon Formation and Religion in Indian society
Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
Colby College
Waterville, ME
Eastern Sikhism
Eastern Sexuality
Indian Women's Issues
Literary Analysis of Scripture
Role of Women in Religious Literature
Santiago Slabodsky
Claremont School of Theology
Claremont, CA
Global ethics
Intersections between Jewish and Postcolonial Social Theories
Andrea Smith
University of California
Riverside, CA
Violence Against American Indian Women
Christian Right; American Indian Activism
Religion/Spirituality and Political Activism
Kathryn Smith
Azusa Pacific University
Azusa, CA
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism
Christian/Jewish Relations
Theology and Gender
Althea Spencer-Miller
Drew University
Madison, NJ
Biblical Studies
Liberation Theologies
Feminist Pedagogy
Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo
Brooklyn College
Brooklyn, NY
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Roberto Strongman
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
New World African Religions
Sterling Stuckey
University of California
Riverside, CA
American Slavery
Afro-American Intellectual and Cultural History
Olúfémi Táíwò
Seattle University
Seattle, WA
Philosophy of African Religions
Sociology of African Relgions
African Diaspora
Theory of Law
Hal Taussig
Union Theological Seminary
New York, NY
New Testament and Christian Origins
Linda E. Thomas
Lutheran School of Theology
Chicago, IL
Cultural Issues
Valorie D. Thomas
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
Cultural Studies
African American Literature
African Diaspora Film and Literature
African Diaspora Spiritualities
George (Tink) Tinker
Iliff School of Theology
Denver, CO
American Indian Culture, History and Religious Traditions
Cross-Cultural and Third-World Theologies
Justice and Peace Studies
Lako Tongun
Pitzer College
Claremont, CA
African and Third-World Politics
Political Economy
Developmental Economics
Benedict O. Ushedo
Homerton College of Technology
African and African Diaspora Studies
Leif Vaage
Emmanuel College
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
English Bible: New Testament
Christian Metaphors
New Testament Exegesis
Sermon on the Mount
Katrina Van Heest
Portland, OR
Pauline Epistles
post-colonialismpopular culture studies
intellectual property issues
Maria Cristina Ventura Campusano
Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana
Hebrew Bible
Class, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity
Burton L. Visotzky
Jewish Theological Seminary
New York, NY
Midrash and Rabbinic Literature
Sze-kar Wan
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
Paul and Empire
Postcolonial Studies of the New Testament
Philo and Hellenistic Judaism
Neo Confucianism
James W. Watts
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
Literature and Religion of the Hebrew Bible
Ancient Religious Rhetoric
Iconic Books
Gerald Oakley West
School of Religion and Theology
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Bible and Theologies of Liberation
South African Biblical Readers
Kathleen O'Brien Wicker
Professor Emerita, Religious Studies
Scripps College
Claremont, CA
Feminist Perspective on Biblical Tradition
Philosophic and Religious Traditions of Antiquity
African Religions
David Wright
University of Guanajuato
Pre-Hispanic and Early Colonial Period Mexican Culture, Language and Writing
Native Central Mexican Writing Systems
Gale Yee
Episcopal Divinity School
Cambridge, MA
Hebrew Bible
Cultural Criticism of the Bible
Feminist Interpretation
Phil Zuckerman
Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
Sex and Religion
W.E.B. Dubois and Religion

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