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The Signifying (on) Scriptures Program Unit at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature furthered ISS's conversations around the sociocultural significance of scriptures.

The most recent session focused on “Ethnologies of Scriptural Readings among Peoples of Color in the United States,” an interdisciplinary research project of the Institute for Signifying Scriptures. At the center of the project is an exploration of particular groups’ engagements with “scriptures” and the ways in which such engagements refl ect, contribute to, or undermine social and identity formation with respect to society, culture, and power. This discussion related to ISS’s major national collaborative research project, which examines scriptural practices in fi ve racial-ethnic minority communities: African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Latino/as, and Native Americans. A panel of research directors reported on the progress of their ethnographic research and data collection.

Schedules of sessions at past meetings can be found here:

2009: New Orleans

2007: San Diego, CA

2006: Washington, DC

2005: Philadelphia, PA 

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