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 March 31, 2010




Enrollment in 5C Courses

In the past, CGU has operated under the assumption that courses numbered below 100 were lower division courses and should not earn graduate credit.  This is a standard used by colleges and universities throughout the United States.  The undergraduate colleges of the Claremont University Consortium (CUC), however, have indicated to CGU that 5C course numbers are not indicative of lower or upper division content.

The implication for CGU is that individual 5C courses must be reviewed by your department to determine whether graduate credit is eligible for your enrollment in a 5C course.  To facilitate this process, you must now use the CGU Registration Form for Courses Offered at the 5C to enroll in 5C classes.

Per current procedures, CGU students must secure the written permission of instructors to enroll in 5C courses.  The new form should be submitted to your department, which will review the course for graduate credit.  All forms will then be submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing of your enrollment.  Procedural guidelines are available on the Register for Classes page.

The following guidelines apply to how 5C courses will be represented on your transcript.

  • 5C courses that are reviewed by your department and included in the CGU Schedule of Classes will be posted to your transcript with the course number displayed on the CGU Schedule of Classes.
  • 5C courses that do not appear on the CGU Schedule of Classes and are numbered below 100 will be posted to your transcript with the 5C course number.  If graduate credit was approved by your department, credit will be assigned.
  • 5C courses that do not appear on the CGU Schedule of Classes and are numbered between 100 and 199 will be posted to your transcript with the 5C course number if graduate credit was not approved.  If your department approves graduate credit, these courses will be assigned a 200 number, consistent with the current practice of evaluating and posting 5C courses on the CGU Schedule of Classes.


Independent Study

Independent study units are used as a basis for disbursing financial aid and for official student census numbers.  To establish clear foundations and expectations for these course-level activities, the enrollment procedure for independent study activities is changed.  To register for an independent study activity, follow the procedure below.

  • Complete the Enrollment Contract and Registration Form for Independent Coursework Credit.
  • Obtain the required approvals on your Enrollment Contract and Registration form.
  • Submit the approved form to your department.  Your department will approve and forward forms the Registrar's Office for processing no later than the Add/Drop deadline for the semester in which you are enrolling.  Forms submitted after the Add/Drop deadline are subject to applicable late fees.  Add/Drop deadlines are announced in the Academic Calendar.

 For more information, refer to the registrar's web page on Independent Study.  This change in procedure is effective for Summer 2010.



If you request an Incomplete grade in a course, you and the instructor must complete an Incomplete Grade Submission and Student Contract for Course Completion form.  Instructors have access to the form, which documents the following items.

  • A deadline for submitting the Incomplete work
  • The grade that you would have received based upon the actual work you submitted in the course
  • Detail of the outstanding work you must submit to the instructor
  • Your signature as evidence of the agreements regarding your incomplete

The instructor should provide you with a copy of the form for your records.  If you need additional time to complete your coursework, you must submit a Request for Extension of Incomplete Grade form to the Registrar's Office before your Incomplete period expires.  This form can only be used when the grade on the course is I (Incomplete).

Submit the outstanding work to your instructor for evaluation and grading.  Your instructor will report a new grade to the Registrar's Office.  This grade will replace the I and can be submitted at any time before the expiration of the Incomplete period.

At the end of the Incomplete period, if no new grade has been submitted, your grade will default to the alternate grade recorded on your Incomplete Grade Submission and Student Contract for Course Completion form.  This is the grade you would have received based upon actual work you submitted.  If this alternate grade is left blank, the grade defaults to a U (Unsatisfactory).

Please note that the PI (Permanent Incomplete) grade has been discontinued.  Moreover, 0 grade points are associated with the U grade, which would be factored into your grade point average (GPA).

Students who have an I (Incomplete) grade in any course should consider the Application of the New Grade Policy to Current, Outstanding Incomplete Grades.

This change is effective Summer 2010.

International Students: Please note that international students must complete a minimum of 8 units each semester.  Courses in which either an Incomplete grade or a U (Unsatisfactory) grade is assigned do not count toward this 8-unit minimum.  For more information, contact the international student coordinator.


Grade Changes

Changes to grades should be rare, except in the case of the I (Incomplete) or GP (Grade Pending) grade, where there is expectation of a subsequent grade within an established timeframe.  With the exception of changes to the I and GP grade, all other grade changes are accompanied by a transcript note to record both the original grade and the date on which the grade was changed.  Effective Summer 2010.


Audit Grade

To eliminate confusion over the various codes used for successful completion of an audited course, the AU (Audit) grade is established as the standard audit grade.  The grade 00 is discontinued.  This change is effective Summer 2010.


Unreported Grades

Faculty are responsible for evaluating student performance in classes and for assigning grades at the end of the semester.  In some cases, grades have gone unreported, resulting in incomplete transcripts for students. 

If grades are not reported by instructors, the Y (Unreported Evaluation) grade is assigned and appears on the student's transcript.  The Y signifies the failure of an instructor to report a grade.  While the Y grade carries no negative impact on GPA, courses for which a Y grade is assigned cannot be used to satisfy program or other degree requirements.

In some cases, faculty assign a GP (Grade Pending) when the evaluation process has been delayed for some reason.  If the instructor does not report a replacement grade by the end of the following semester, the GP grade lapses to a Y grade.

This change is effective Summer 2010 and is retroactive to cover all courses for which an expected grade is missing or unreported on student transcripts.


Standard CGU Grades and Grade Point Values

Effective SummThe table below summarizes the grades and grade point values used by CGU.



A+ 4.0   C+ 2.3   I N/A
A 4.0   C 2.0   W N/A
A- 3.7   C- 1.7   Y N/A
B+ 3.3            
B 3.0   S N/A    AU N/A 
B- 2.7   U 0.0    GP  N/A


Degree Conferral Date

The degree conferral date is changed to the last day of the semester in which the degree requirements are met and all qualifications for candidacy (filing of Intent, submission of dissertation, etc) have been accomplished.  In the past, this date has been the first day of the subsequent semester.  This change is effective Summer 2010.




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