Registrar's Office - Mission, Vision, and Values

For an institution of higher education, the registrar's office is considered the official custodian of its student records.  In this role, the registrar's office has responsibilities to a number of consitutents--students, faculty, staff, governing bodies, the public, and the institution as a whole.  In the execution of its duties, the registrar's office must comply with--and ensure compliance with--institutional policies and procedures, as well as with applicable federal and state regulations and other standards of American higher education.  



The Registrar's Office is committed to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and privacy of CGU student records; to ensuring compliance with CGU policy and higher education regulations; and to facilitating administrative processes for students, faculty, and CGU academic programs.


Accuracy, Integrity, and Privacy of Student Records

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of CGU student records, the Registrar's Office at CGU requires and strives for all of the following objectives--both from its constituents--students, faculty, and staff--as well as of itself.

  • Strict compliance to policy, procedure, and deadlines.  For students, a Student Rights & Responsibilities page summarizes expectations.  For faculty, staff, and the institution, a host of regulations define requirements for CGU as an institution of higher education.
  • Extensive disclosure of instructions and required forms to facilitate the successful completion of desired and intended processes.  Website information is kept current, both for students and for campus departments. Where clarity or comprehensiveness are lacking, the Registrar's Office welcomes feedback so as to make swift adjustments as needed.
  • Timely responses to inquiries and requests for information.  The registrar's webpage regularly updates its calendar so holidays, closures, and deadlines are always available. 
  • Personal attention to resolving issues.  The Registrar's Office seeks to move beyond form letters and automatic responses to focus on responding to the individual needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

Privacy requirements, and implications for campus operations, are governed by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which requires each institution to make an annual disclosure of how it administers its responsibilities under these regulations.  CGU's statement is recorded at Student Privacy (FERPA)


As an institution of American higher education and one that has been entrusted with the administration of various government and student programs (financial aid, services to students of all abilities, international students, Veteran's educational benefits, contracts and grants), CGU must comply with extensive laws, regulations, and other professional expectations that define its elibility to administer these programs.  Affected operational areas include deadlines, required documentation, stipulations for program participation, and more.  For information on regulations affecting higher education, refer to the US Department of Education.

Adherence to higher regulations regulations and standards ensures the ongoing value of CGU's degrees and certificates both for students and for the global marketplace.

Faciliting Administrative Processes

Students at CGU generally work through their departments to accomplish all transactions associated with their student status and progress to degree at CGU.  Members of the Registrar's Office are happy to assist as necessary.

For faculty and departments, the Registrar's Office oversees compilation of the CGU Schedule of Classes as well as the CGU Bulletin.


The Registrar's Office is part of CGU Student Affairs and reports to the Vice Provost of Student Services and Enrollment Management/Dean of Students.

The Registrar's Office at CGU is committed to the standards of the registrar's profession, codified in a formal Statement of Professional Ethics and Practice by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (AACRAO)


The Registrar's Office, or (909) 621-8285


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