Grades and Grading - Guidelines for Instructors




Official CGU Grades and Grade Point Values

Claremont Graduate University (CGU) uses the following grades for the evaluation of student performance.  Only those grades in the shaded area of the table may be assigned or changes by instructors. 

A+ 4.0   C+ 2.3   I N/A
A 4.0   C 2.0   W N/A
A- 3.7   C- 1.7   Y N/A
B+ 3.3            
B 3.0   S N/A   AU N/A
B- 2.7   U 0.0   GP N/A

Audited courses require a grade from the instructor.  Acceptable grades are as follows.

  • AU - Satisfactory completion of the audit.
  • U - Unsatisfactory completion of the audit or student never attended.

W (Withdrawn) is assigned when students drop a course after the Add/Drop deadline for the semester.  W may not be assigned by instructors.

Y (Unreported Evaluation) is an administrative notation and cannot be assigned by instructors.

Pass/Fail.  Note that CGU does not use P/F (Pass/Fail).  The appropriate grades are S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory).

Graded or S/U Option.  Unless a course is specifically coded to be offered as graded only or S/U grade only, instructors may make their own determinations for assigning grades.  Agreements may be made directly with the student and no specific notification to the Registrar's Office is required.  Instructors are encouraged to comply with student requests for S/U grading unless a course is required to provide a letter grade.


Deadlines for Submission of Grades

Deadlines for grades are listed in the right sidebar of this web page.

Instructors are expected to submit grades for students enrolled in their courses by the semester deadline published in the Academic Calendar.  Faculty are encouraged to submit grades online through the faculty portal.  Paper grade rosters should be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than the semester deadline for grade submission.

NOTE: Faculty who wish to submit grades online should contact the Help Desk for assistance.  Some training for access to the faculty portal is required.

Non-CGU Students.  Please note that if you have non-CGU students enrolled in your class, other grading deadlines may apply.  Non-CGU students includes Consortium undergraduates (5C) as well as students from Claremont School of Theology/Claremont Lincoln University (CST) and Keck Graduate Institute (KGI).  Deadlines for all of these institutions are generally one week before CGU's deadline.

  • May Graduates.  The 5Cs, CST, and KGI have early deadlines for students who are graduating during the Spring term.  Deadlines are provided in the calendar on this page.
  • Submission Procedures.  Grades for all non-CGU students should be submitted on your CGU grade roster.  The Registrar's Office automatically transfers grades back to the student's school.  No separate reporting is required on your part.


Audited Courses

Courses for which a student was enrolled on an audit basis must be graded.  If the student completed the course successfully, AU (Audit) is assigned.  If the student did not complete the course, or if the student abandoned the course without formally dropping the course, a grade of U (Unsatisfactory) should be assigned.

Instructors should not leave the grade field for audited courses blank on grade rosters.  If no grade is supplied, these grades will eventually default to Y (Unreported Evaluation) and may be interpreted as having been completed successfully.


Incomplete Grades

If unusual or extenuating circumstances prevent a student from completing work in a course, the instructor may assign an Incomplete (I) grade provided the student's performance in the course is satisfactory at the end of the semester.  As with other grades, instructors may submit I grades through the faculty portal or on a paper roster.  When an I grade is submitted in this manner, the system assigns the standard defaults listed below.

Expiration Date.  A new grade must be submitted by the grading deadline for the same semester next year.  Note that this means the instructor must submit a new grade, not that the student needs to submit work to the instructor.  Instructors identify their own timeframes to receive work.

Grade.  If no grade is received before the expiration of the Incomplete grade, the Incomplete grade lapses to a U (Unsatisfactory) grade.

Instructor may assign shorter periods of time for the student to submit new work and/or may identify an alternate default grade.  To do so, the instructor completes and submits an Incomplete Grade Submission and Student Contract for Course Completion form to the Registrar's Office.

Procedure.  Instructors who wish to identify a different expiration date or default grade should proceed as follows.

  • Enter I (Incomplete) on the grade roster, whether electronic or paper.
  • Download and print the Incomplete Grade Submission and Student Contract for Course Completion form.
  • Identify the grading deadline for the same semester next year.  This date can be found under the Future Calendars tab of the Academic Calendar page.  A new expiration date may not later than this grading deadline.  Record the expiration date to be used on the grade form.
  • Together with your student, agree upon a date for submission of outstanding work and record this date on the form.  Be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to evaluate the work and submit a grade by the expiration date recorded.
  • Determine an alternate grade for the student--the grade the student would receive if no other work is submitted.  Enter the alternate grade on the form.  If you do not enter an alternate grade, the default grade is U (Unsatisfactory).
  • In the space provided, outline the outstanding work which the student is required to submit.
  • Although optional, have the student sign the form and give a copy of this form to the student.
  • Forward the original document to the Registrar's Office.  Forms that do not change the expiration date or specify an alternate grade do not need to be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Extension of Incomplete.  After the Incomplete grade is recorded, if a student requires more time to complete work, a Request for Extension of Incomplete must be filed by the student with the Registrar's Office.  Only one extension is permitted.  Requests for Extensions are accepted ONLY if the grade on the course is still I (Incomplete).

Grade Change/Submission.  After the student completes and submits the outstanding work to you, evaluate the work and submit a new grade using the Grade Change/Submission Petition

  • Explanations for the grade change and dean's approval are not required when the grade being changed is either I (Incomplete) or GP (Grade Pending).
  • Grades that have lapsed to a permanent grade (a grade other than GP or I) cannot be changed to Incomplete.  Changes of permanent grades require an explanation and dean's approval.

Grade Lapse.  If work is not completed or if no grade is reported to the Registrar's Office by the expiration date, the Incomplete grade defaults to the alternate grade provided by the instructor on the Incomplete Grade Submission form.  If no alternate grade was recorded, the default grade is U (Unsatisfactory).


Grade Pending

Instructors who are unable to submit grades by the semester deadline may submit a Grade Pending (GP) notation on their rosters to ensure more time for evaluating student performance.  When ready to submit a grade, the instructor uses the Grade Change/Submission Petition form.  Note that no explanation for the grade change is required when the grade being changed is either GP (Grade Pending) or I (Incomplete).

If a grade is not provided before the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review for following semester, the GP grade lapses to Y (Unreported Evaluation).  The Y notation does not impact the student's GPA; however, courses for which the student is assigned a Y grade cannot be used to fulfill degree or other requirements.


Students Missing from Grade Rosters

If a student's name is missing from a grade roster, enrollment may have been delayed or never processed accurately.  Notify the Registrar's Office immediately.

  • Electronic Grading.  Student names cannot be added to an electronic grade roster.  Send an e-mail to the registrar indicating the name of the student, institutional affiliation, and the grade to be assigned.
  • Paper Rosters.  Add the student's name to the grade roster.  Be sure to include the student's institution and the grade. 

Students on Roster But Who Never Attended

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their own class schedules and for complying with Add/Drop procedures.  Instructors must assign a U (Unsatisfactory) grade for any student who did not attend or participate in the course.

  • Electronic Grading.  Assign a U grade and send an e-mail to the registrar indicating that the student never attended the class.
  • Paper Rosters.  Assign a U grade and add the notation "Never attended" next to the grade.


Grade Changes

Grade changes are expected if the student was originally assigned an I (Incomplete) or GP (Grade Pending) grade.  Grades for these students may be submitted using the Grade Change/Submission Petition form.  No explanation for the grade change is required when the grade being changed is either I or GP.

Once grades have been submitted or if a permanent grade or enrollment notation has already been recorded, changes should be made only in the most exceptional circumstances, such as to correct a reporting error.  Instructors who wish to submit a change of grade for a student must complete the Grade Change/Submission Petition form and provide a full explaination or reason for the change.  Approval of the dean is required.

Once a permanent grade has been recorded for a student's performance in a course, instructors are not required to accept additional work from a student for evaluation.  If you agree to re-evaluate a student's performance for a potential grade change, you may NOT consider academic work or performance in any subsequent course or work performed for another instructor.

In addition, the following guidelines apply to grade changes.

  • Requests to change a permanent grade back to a temporary grade--such as to I or GP--are not accepted.
  • A GP notation may be replaced by I (Incomplete), provided the grade has not lapsed to Y (Unreported Evaluation).

Transcript Notations.  Except for changes made to I and GP, all grade changes are noted on the student's transcript with a note indicating the original grade and the date of the grade change.


Grades for Non-CGU Students

CGU grade rosters include all properly enrolled students from the undergraduate colleges (5C), the Claremont School of Theology/Claremont Lincoln University (CST), and the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI).  If these students do not appear on your grade roster, or if you have trouble submitting grades, contact the Registrar's Office at



Instructors who have questions about grading and/or grading policies should contact their program coordinators or the CGU registrar at  If you contact the CGU registrar, please provide the following information to ensure that your request receives an accurate response.

  • Identify yourself as an instructor.
  • Provide the course catalog number of your course and the applicable semester.
  • Give full names of individuals--and their ID numbers, if available--when referencing students.


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Grading Deadlines


NOTE: Module 1 grades have an earlier deadline than regular session and Module 2 courses.


Fall 2013

Nov 1 - Mod 1 grades due

Jan 2 - Fall grades due


Spring 2014

Mar 21 - Mod 1 grades due

May 9 - 5C grad grades due at noon

May 23 - Spring grades due


Summer 2014

Jul 11 - Mod 1 grades due

Aug 29 - Summer grades due





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