Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Series: Spring 2005

3 February 2005
Musa Dube, Associate Professor, Scripps College
An African Woman’s Engagement of Scriptures

17 February 2005
Anselm Min, Professor of Religion, CGU
Theology and Scripture in the Age of Globalization

9 March 2005
Vincent L. Wimbush, Professor of Religion, CGU
"Ripping the Veil, Weaving Meaning: The Textures of African American Expressive Culture"

24 March 2005
Thomas Horan, Professor of Information Science, CGU
"The Interplay Between Artifact and Meaning"

7 April 2005
Joe Parker, Associate Professor of East Asian Thought, Pitzer College
"Postcolonial Pedagogies: Rethinking the Disciplinary Object of Study"

21 April 2005
Simon Joseph, PhD Student, Claremont Graduate University
"Jesus in India: A Socio-Political Analysis of a Modern Scriptural Forgery"

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