Musa Dube, Associate Professor, Scripps College

"An African Woman’s Engagement of Scriptures"

Framed by the story of her family’s struggle for liberation and Christianity, Dube explores the meaning of text and its attendant ideologies. The rich and traumatic history of cultural contact in Africa suggests that text operates as a tool for cultural replacement. Hermeneutics become political, and politics becomes hermeneutical. Methods of reading, she says, are deeply related to the kinds of questions asked. Dube stresses the need for ‘other ways of reading.’ She points specifically toward storytelling, divination, inculturation and Black biblical hermeneutics. In her work, Dube finds promise in African Independent Churches and their appreciation for subaltern ways of reading, the Circle of Concerned African Women, and ecumenical readership. Her biblical pedagogy engages contemporary contexts of HIV/AIDS and globalization particularly.

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