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“Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Displaying Ten Commandments”
By: David Stout


“Basking in the Glow of Literary Lights”
By: Felicia R. Lee

“In Selection of New Pope, Third World Loses Out”
By: Larry Rohter

“Third World is a New Factor in Pope’s Succession”
By: Lydia Polgreen and Larry Rohter


"9/11 Leaves Its Mark on History Classes"
By: Janny Scott

“ABC Stands By Its 9/11 Story –Almost: After minor edits in response to Democratic critics, the miniseries will air as scheduled. It's already set off a bitter election-year dispute.”
By: Scott Collins and Tina Daunt

“After the Academic Bill of Rights”
By: David Horowitz

"Church Teacher Fired for Being Female"
By: Dan Harris

"Jewish symbolic wall raises environmental concerns along Southern California beach"

“Iran Arrests Outspoken Cleric Who Opposes Religious Rule”
 By: Nazila Fathi

"Lady Liberty Trades In Some Trappings"
By: Shaila Dewan

Letter to the editor regarding "Herbert Aptheker: the Contradictions of History"

"Looking for Islam’s Luthers"
By: Nicholas D. Kristof

"Memorizing the Way to Heaven, Verse by Verse"
By: Michael Luo

"Muslim boys urinated on Bible"
By: Cameron Stewart

“Suspended in Time”
By: Louis P. Masur

"The Devoted Student"
By: Mark C. Taylor

“The Risks of Multiracial Identification”
By: Naomi Schaefer Riley

“The Role of Brain Research in National Defense”
By: Jonathan D. Moreno

“The Trouble With Tolerance”
By: Stanley Fish

“What’s Wrong With the Society of Biblical Literature?”
By: Jacques Berlinerblau


“America’s Guardian Myths”
By: Susan Faludi

“Arab nationalism’s last gasp”
By: Robert D. Kaplan

“Beethoven and a Barcalounger”
By: Miles Hoffman

“Changing China: good try, but no sale”
By: Gregory Rodriguez

"Episcopal Diocese Votes to Secede"
By: Neela Banerjee

“Group cleared over Iran murders”
By: Frances Harrison

“Oh, now the right wants to talk nice”
By: Jonathan Chait

“Phallus 101”
By: Charlotte Allen

“Plenty of prescriptions but no cures”
By: Swati Pandey

“Romney’s religious rights”
By: Tim Rutten

“Roots of Anger: Longtime prejudices, not economic rivalry, fuel Latino-black tensions.”
By: Tanya K. Hernandez

“New 'Irish' Priests are Vietnamese: Products of the refugee influx and a homeland culture that exalts the vocation, they boost the Catholic Church's dwindling clerical ranks and lend it a unique fervor.”
By: David Haldene and Mai Tran

“Was it virtue or betrayal?: A Gnostic scholar's secret involvement in a National Geographic project on Judas strains his relationship with his old friend and mentor.”
By: Louis Sahagun


"Creationist Diorama-Rama"

"Evangelist accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible"
By: Alexander Mooney

"The Bible as Graphic Novel, With a Samurai Stranger Called Christ"
By: Neela Banerjee

“Woman is targeted by hate e-mails: Michelle Raheja is dismayed by backlash after she objected to Claremont schools' holiday tradition.”
By: Seema Mehta


“And He Shall Be Judged”
By: Robert Draper

“The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers”
By: Frank Rich


"Muslim Group to Sue Okla. Over Shariah Law Amendment”
By: David Knowles


“Dangerous White Stereotypes”
By: Patricia A. Turner

“Imagining the Downside of Immortality”
By: Stephen Cave


"After Obama’s Decision on Marriage, a Call to Pastors"
By: Peter Baker and Rachel L. Swarns

“Atheists ‘Slaves Obey your Masters’ Billboard Raises Tempers in Pennsylvania”
By: Diana Fishlock

"Black churches discuss same-sex marriage"
CNN Weekend Shows

“Deconstructing Academe: The birth of critical university studies”
By: Jeffrey Williams

"Gunman Kills 15 Christians In Nigeria, Attack By Islamist Group Boko Haram, Witness Says"
By: Bala Adamu

“Life, Liberty and the Fact of Slavery”
By: Edward Rothstein

"Meg Hitchcock Dissects Religious Texts To Create Spiritual Tapestries"

"North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris: Parents Should 'Punch' Their Gay-Acting Children"

“One Nation Under God”

"Praying For God To Hurt Someone Is Not Illegal, Judge Rules"
By: David Gibson

“Santorum Questions Education System; Criticizes Obama”
By: Richard A. Oppel Jr.

“The Big Reveal: Why does the Bible end that way?”
By: Adam Gopnik

“The Reason Obama’s Faith Is Questioned”
By: Steven Gray

"Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gay Marriage"
By: Laurie Goodstein

"Will Mormons' racial history be a problem for Mitt Romney?"
By: Daniel Burke

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