Labor Union Los Angeles

Map from Los Angeles Labor Union
a project by Katrina Van Heest

Conceptual map (2003) representing the components of a union win at the former Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Santa Monica by Bethany Holmes, organizer with UNITE HERE! (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees and Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union) Local 11.
From Ms. Van Heest's paper:
gives low-wage workers many avenues to gain dignity, justice and respect in their lives, even outside the workplace. In translating this idea to the workers, though, the material goal of contract and the impression that such a document can ensure long-lasting workplace satisfaction takes center stage. Local 11 downplays the role of contract in favor of an emphasis on relationship-building at the same time as the union’s rhetorical use of contract remains a most persuasive tool in organizing new hotels.

"This tension is operative in both the constitution and maintenance of the community, and this is what qualifies HERE’s unionizing methods as (a politics of) scripturalizing: a rhetorical de-emphasis on text and a simultaneous portrayal of it as the sine qua non of occupational security."


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