Arts Management Consulting Practicum

The Arts Consulting Practicum is one of the highlights of the program. Students work as consultants with cultural institutions, often paid, and submit a report of their findings and recommendations at the end of the semester. Recent consultations include: The Durfee Foundation, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles Stage Alliance, Arts Council of Long Beach, and the Center for Cultural Innovation, among others.

"The Arts Management Consulting Practicum capstone course moves theory to practice, broadening the arts manager's experience through project-based work outside every day experience. The result is a leader with new connections and new skills." Laura Zucker, Director of Arts Management



[Our student consultant] was very responsible, autonomous, and professional with an evidence-based approach. She worked creatively and with sensitivity to the agency’s work. — Helen Dolas, Arts and Services for the Disabled

We were greatly impressed with the quality of the end product, and the ease everyone involved had in working with her!  She’s a true gem! — Greg Shapton, Pomona Public Library

[The consulting team] brought to the project an additional depth of philosophical underpinnings by mining literature on the subject that illuminated their practical fact-finding results.  — Richard Stein, Arts Orange County

The consultant and the outstanding work she provided were worth far more than we were able to pay her. — Andrew Campbell, City of West Hollywood 

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