Selected Past CGU Arts Management Consulting Projects

These projects are examples of the kinds of projects our students are qualified to undertake, but this list is not exhaustive. Projects may be proposed in the arenas of archiving and preservation, cultural policy, leadership, evaluation, marketing, fundraising and other areas of nonprofit management.

Durfee Foundation CGU student consultant conducted a program review of the Artists Resources for Completion (ARC) grant program to better understand and evaluate the impact of the program on the arts community, recommend improvements for program delivery, and to determine the future direction of the Foundation’s support of artists in Los Angeles. Click here for the final report.
Theater for Young Audiences CGU student consultant provided documentation of this program, a collaboration between Fremont Middle School and Pomona College, along with recommendations for improving the sustainability and effectiveness of the program. Click here for the final report.
Arts for All CGU student consultant worked on an assessment of how LEFs can best be utilized as a partner, resource and stakeholder in the pursuit of arts education. The goal is to assist Arts for All in determining how best to involve and engage LEFS in the educational initiatives needed to create systematic change and institutionalize sequential K-12 arts education in Los Angeles County school districts. Click here for the final report.
Arts Orange County CGU student consultants identified arts organizations that are using “Pro-Am” (Professional-Amateur) programming as a means to engage audiences and strengthen support in light of national/international trends towards participatory audiences and collect the following data from them: operation of Pro-Am programs; challenges in operation; and impact on audience-building or engagement efforts. Click here for the final report.
City of West Hollywood Cultural Affairs CGU student consultant researched best practices in municipal funding for the arts in cities of comparable size to West Hollywood. Research economic impact of the arts in West Hollywood. Research mechanisms within the city government infrastructure from which additional funding for arts and culture may be drawn. These elements will be combined to create an advocacy tool to generate additional support. Click here for the final report.
California EAR Unit CGU student consultant created a marketing plan for the EAR Unit’s 30th year celebration; increase social media presence and make recommendations for a more cohesive social media network.
Los Angeles County Arts Commission CGU student consultant researched and developed recommendations to strengthen the Arts Commission's reporting process for grantees.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

CGU student consultant identified time based media artworks within LACMA’s permanent collection, propose procedures for assembling proper information upon acquisition, and propose guidelines for storage in order to properly acquire, exhibit and preserve this media.




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