52 Units

24-28 Units
Core Courses

24-28 Units
Elective Courses

(10 Units)
Elective courses may be taken outside of the Drucker School


Core Curriculum

  • The Professional MBA Core curriculum introduces students to fundamental business knowledge through a series of courses that complement and build off each other
  • Students receive excellent training in functional areas, with particular emphasis in strategy and leadership
  • Students take their core courses together, establishing a strong support network 

Elective Flexibility

  • With a total of 52 units required for the degree, 24-28 elective units are incorporated in a "Professional Pathway" individually designated based on student assessments and professional development planning (may take up to 10 CGU/CUC units outside of the Drucker School). 
  • The majority of PMBA elective courses are scheduled in the evening or in intensive formats to accommodate Professional MBA students' schedules
  • Students are advised by faculty and program staff to select electives most relevant to their fields of study and professional goals

The Professional Pathway Requirement

A unique aspect of the PMBA program is the Professional Pathway, a fully customized "concentration" intended to augment the base of knowledge provided in the core requirements.  Students enter the Professional Pathway through a series of assessment and executive coaching sessions.  Working with an executive coach, each student defines a set of elective courses and experiences geared specifically to their needs and goals. 

The Pathway is individually tailored with the student and for the student.  It will be different from that of others in program because each student's goals and needs are different.  Once the Professional Pathway has been completed, it will be recorded on the student's official transcript in much the same way as a standard concentration might be recorded for other programs.

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