Reading the CGU Transcript


The following information is compiled from the legend of the official CGU transcript and from previous issues of the transcript legend.  For the complete grading scheme of specific years, refer to the Transcript Legend - Historical Disclosure.


History and Accreditation

Founded in 1925, Claremont Graduate University (CGU) was known as the Claremont Graduate School until July 1, 1997.  CGU is part of the Claremont University Consortium in Claremont, CA, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).



CGU courses and credits are based upon the semester unit.  Courses listed as earning credit have been reviewed and approved as graduate level coursework.


Official Grades and Grade Points

CGU assigns grades and grade points as follows.

A+ 4.0   C+ 2.3   I N/A
A 4.0   C 2.0   W N/A
A- 3.7   C- 1.7   Y N/A
B+ 3.3            
B 3.0   S N/A   AU N/A
B- 2.7   U 0.0   GP N/A



Incomplete - Work is satisfactory, but not completed within the semester.  The student is given additional time to submit work for the course.  A subsequent grade is pending.
S Satisfactory.  No grade points awarded, but equivalent to a B for transfer credit purposes.
W Withdrawal - Student withdrew from the course after the Add/Drop deadline for the semester.
Y Unreported Evaluation - The instructor failed to report a grade for the student.
AU Audit - Successful completion of an audit.
GP Grade Pending - The instructor's evaluation is outstanding.


Grade Changes

Beginning Summer 2010, all grade changes, except for changes from I and GP, are noted with the specific date of the grade change and the original grade assigned.


Previously Used Grades and Notations

Since its founding, CGU has used a number of different grade notations and schemes throughout its history.  The table below summarizes notations that are different from the official grades listed above.  For the complete grading scheme of specific years, refer to the Transcript Legend - Historical Disclosure.  


00 Audit.
F Failure, Sept 1950-Aug 1961.
H Honors, Sept 1965-Aug 1974.  Honors (exceptional/superior, equivalent to A), Sept 1961-Aug 1965.
HP High Pass, Sept 1965-Aug 1974.  High Pass (better than average, equivalent to A-/B+), Sept 1961-Aug 1965.
LP Low Pass, Sept 1965-Aug 1974.  Low Pass (marginal but creditable), Sept 1961-Aug 1965.
NC No Credit.
NGR No Grade Received.
P Pass, Sept 1965-Aug 1974.  Pass (adequate performance, equivalent to B), Sept 1961-1965.
PI Permanent Incomplete, Jan 1991-May 2010.  Default grade when outstanding work on an Incomplete is not submitted by the student within the required timeframe.
WU  Unsatisfactory at withdrawal, Sept 1961-Aug 1961.


Credit for Courses

CGU students may enroll in courses offered by the colleges of the Claremont University Consortium.  Credit has been awarded as follows.

  • Until May 2010, courses numbered below 100 did not receive graduate credit.
  • After September 1972, courses numbered below 200 received graduate credit only if followed by an X.  Non-credit earning courses were designated with a Y.
  • Prior to September 1972, courses numbered below 100 received graduate credit only if followed by an asterisk (*).


Transfer Credit

A grade of B or better is required for courses accepted as transfer credit.


FERPA Compliance

Official academic records are educational records provided by the University in accordance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  These regulations protect the privacy of the information contained in education records.  Academic transcripts and the information contained in academic transcripts may not be further disclosed without the prior written consent of the student identified by the transcript.


Authenticity of Official Transcripts

The official CGU transcript is printed on SCRIP-SAFE security paper.  Bound with a red border, the body of the document is a lighter red color with the name of the institution printed repeatedly in white across the printable field.  When this document is held up to a light source, a transluscent globe should be visible on both sides of the paper.  The official signature of the registrar appears in white on the face of the the transcript.  When photocopied, this document will display a latent security statement, indicating COPY COPY COPY across the face of the document.  When exposed to fresh, liquid bleach, the color of the document will turn to brown.  Alteration of the CGU transcript may be a criminal offense.


Recent Registrars

Clifford A. Ramirez is the current registrar at CGU.  His signature appears on transcripts effective Fall 2010.  The previous registrar was Sonia Gutierrez-Mendoza.


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