Transcript Legend - Historical Disclosure


The information on this page is drawn from the actual transcript legends used by CGU over the years.  For space reasons, this information has been summarized and consolidated on the current transcript.  The presentation below is chronological.



Founded in 1925, Claremont Graduate University (CGU) was known as the Claremont Graduate School until July 1, 1997.  CGU is part of the Claremont University Consortium in Claremont, California, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

CGU operates on a semester system.  CGU courses and credits are based upon the semester unit.  Grade points, where applicable to the grade point average (GPA) calculation, are based upon the 4.0 scale.

Courses earning credit have been reviewed and approved as graduate level coursework.

A minimum grade of B is required for courses accepted as transfer credit.


Current Grading and Grade Points

CGU assigns grades and grade points as follows. 

A+ 4.0   C+ 2.3   I N/A
A 4.0   C 2.0   W N/A
A- 3.7   C- 1.7   Y N/A
B+ 3.3            
B 3.0   S N/A   AU N/A
B- 2.7   U 0.0   GP N/A


The following table details information about the grading notations. 

I Incomplete - Work is satisfactory, but not completed within the semester.  The student is given additional time to submit work for the course.  A subsequent grade is pending.
S Satisfactory - No grade points awarded, but equivalent to a B.
W Withdrawal - Student withdrew from the course after the Add/Drop deadline.
Y Unreported Evaluation - The instructor failed to report a grade for the student.
AU Audit - Successful completion of an audit.
GP Grade Pending - The instructor's evaluation is outstanding.



 January 1995 to May 2010 

A+ 4.0   C 2.0   I N/A
A 4.0   C- 1.7   PI N/A
A- 3.7   S N/A      
B+ 3.3   U 0.0   GP N/A
B 3.0         NGR N/A
B- 2.7   00 N/A   W N/a
C+ 2.3   AU N/A      


00 Audit.
AU Audit.
GP Grade Pending.
I Incomplete.
NGR No Grade Received.
PI Permanent Incomplete.
S Satisfactory.  Not calculated into GPA, but equivalent to, at minimum, a B for external evaluation.
U Unsatisfactory.
W Withdrawn.


Courses numbered below 100 do not receive graduate credit.

A grade of B or better is required for courses accepted as transfer credit.



September 1974 to December 1994

A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C, and the following grades. 

S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete
PI Permanent Incomplete (effective January 1991)
NC No credit
W Withdrawal
0 Audit


Prior to September 1972, courses numbered 1-100 which are followed by an asterisk (*) received graduate credit.  Courses numbered 1-100 with no asterisk earned no graduate credit.



September 1965 to August 1974 

H Honors   U Unsatisfactory
HP High Pass   I Incomplete
P Pass   W Withdrawn
LP Low Pass   00 Audit



September 1961 to August 1965

H Honors, exceptional/superior, equivalent to an A.
HP High Pass, better than average, equivalent to A-/B+.
P Pass, adequate performance, equivalent to B.
LP Low Pass, marginal but creditable.
U Unsatisfactory.



September 1950 to August 1961 

A Superior   I Incomplete
B Good   W Withdrawn
C Passing   WU Unsatisfactory at withdrawal
F Failure      



September 1925 to August 1950

S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete




CGU printed its history of grading schemes on the legend of its official transcripts until 2010, when, for space consideration, a summary listing was substituted.  The information in this webpage is presented for historical purposes.


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