Forms for Setting Up Student Clubs and Club Funding

The following forms may be downloaded for use.

CGU Student Club Guidelines and Forms


This is the complete set of guidelines and forms for setting up and funding Student Clubs through GSC sponsorship. It contains the Guidelines, New Student Club Application form, Annual Club Status form, and forms for Reimbursement, Advance Disbursement of Funds and Special Event Funding.

You may also download individual forms from the links below.


New Student Club Application


Use this form to set up your new Student Club. If you are currently in a Student Club but are not sure if you are a GSC sponsored club, fill in this form and re-establish your status.


Annual Club Status Form


All GSC sponsored student clubs and organizations must submit this form at the beginning of the Fall semester to be eligible for GSC Club Funding. This form requires details of the club's officers, faculty advisor, and planned events. Full details can be found in the CGU Student Club Guidelines.


Special Event Club Funding Form


Special Club Funding is used when a Club needs more than the usual allocation of $100 per semester in order to run an event. This funding is applied for and approved on a case by case basis, following conditions laid out in the CGU Student Club Guidelines.


Club & Event Reimbursement Form


Semester Club Funding and Special Club Funding that have been previously approved by the GSC are given out through reimbursement when the club submits receipts and the event's budget to the GSC using the Club & Event Reimbursement Form. This form should be submitted to the GSC Treasurer. Full details can be found in the CGU Student Club Guidelines.


Advance Disbursement of Funds


Advance disbursement of funds may only be requested for funds that have already been granted for specific events (both Semester and Special Club Funding). That is, this is a request only to change the manner of disbursement of funds that have been granted. Please see CGU Student Club Guidelines for complete details on how to make this request.